Doppelganger Indie Picks selects unique and fun acts to share with you as and when we stumble upon them! Ideally, we feature one Malaysian talent, and another from the world. Not ALL are indie. It started that way, but we like to include acts we love too! We're always open to your suggestions so if you have someone you'd like to recommend us, just email openmickl[at]gmail[dot]com. 

: Y2K (Malaysia) rises whilst Superman is Dead (Bali)
: Of musical debuts, Bihzhu (Malaysia) & Lorde (NZ)
: Najwa (Malaysia) releases new EP"
: Nadhira (Malaysia) & pop phenomena PSY (KOREA)
: Jerome Kugan (Malaysia) meets Santigold (USA)
: Laura Fygi (Portugal), Elvira Arul and Dzamira Dzafri (Malaysia)
: Ramona Azween (Malaysia), YUNA (Malaysia / USA) and The Standards (Bangkok)
: Zee Avi (Malaysia/USA) and Rafique Rashid (Malaysia)
: Bo Amir Iqram of Malaysia and The Harvest of Stockholm, Sweden
: Malaysia's 'Free Deserters' and hello 'Robyn' from Sweden
: Selamat Ramadhan from Malaysian: Ady Suwardy
: 1Malaysia Goes Rock!
: Malaysian-Kiwi Connection: Bic Runga
: Around the World in August: Ariff AB, Zapin Fusion & Tribute to Michael Jackson & Yasmin Ahmad
: A Malaysian in New York: Shayna Zaid & Russian Sensation: Peter Nalich
: Phlox (Malaysia) & Melanie Horsnell (Australia)
: Hello Malaysia Zee Avi, hello Iceland: Emilia Torrini