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Where to go for live music in KL?

So I was there when musicians used to pass on their MySpace links. Never Friendster. Then YouTube. Then their own named sites. Then Facebook Pages. Then Tumblr. Now Instagram and today, a CDBABY link from Izzy Anuar (formerly IzzyMohd)! Woo hoo! Come to think of it, it's pretty awesome that I had a very short conversation with CDBABY founder last year and he told me about his new project, #nownownow and I found out he's been hanging out in New Zealand.
Occasionally, a thread of organic SEO for Doppel Music World leads us to travelling musicians. Last week, a drummer travelling from Venezuela emailed asking if there were any gigs in town. So I reached out to Shaneil of Open Mic Malaysia and connected them. Then, had this crazy idea because I wanted my nephew to learn drums! So I contacted Roland Malaysia to see if they'd be keen to host a drum clinic. They are keen, and there's a possibility...

Buzzed and curious, I wondered what's new in the music scene in KL and started googling. So if you're looking to gig, or just to chill out to a band, here are some links we've scoured the web.

Let's start with the Top 10 venues as suggested by Time Out's Best Live Music Venues in KL!

  1. Perfect Square Space, TTDI
  2. PlaySpace, The Place in Damansara Perdana
  3. Bobo KL, Bangsar
  4. ATAS by Bijan FX, Kelana Jaya
  5. The Bee, Publika
  6. Merdekarya, PJ Section 5 near Gasing
  7. Findars, Jln Panggong near Chinatown KL
  8. No Black Tie, Jln Mesui near Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL
  9. Alexis Ampang, Great Eastern Mall Jln Ampang KL
  10. Gaslight Cafe, Medan Damansara, KL
And here are more live houses we found!!!
  1. LiveHouse, TREC Jln Tun Razak KL
  2. Le Noir, TREC Jln Tun Razak KL 
  3. Timbre @ The Row, Jln Doraisamy KL
  4. Voizup, Taman Desa, Seputeh KL
  5. Live Fact, Taman Danau Desa
  6. Waikiki Bar, Lorong Sultan near A&Ws, PJ
  7. Pisco Bar, Jln Mesui near Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL
Finally, I'll leave you with three pretty awesome venues for private events.
  1. DropKL
  2. Glasshouse, Seputeh
  3. Slate @ The Row
Oh, one last thing. We run a creative agency and have recently moved into 90 Bangsar Warehouse HQ, a quaint post-war shop house along Jalan Bangsar near Abdullah Hukum Station, on the main road where APW, NSTP, China Press offices lie behind. Watch out for this space as we roll out experimental arts events.

Latest list update: 10 Dec 2017 23 Mar 2018

View from Drop KL The Terraces TREC KL

Slate @ The Row in KL (formerly Heritage Row)

If you know of more venues, please add in the comments below. Thank you and happy venue hopping! 

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Ola Bola theme song "Arena Cahaya" wins prestigious Golden Horse Film Festival Awards 2016

#DoppelMusicWorld #Awards #RendraZawawi #ZeeAvi

It's not always about the wins in music. But when there is a win, the gleam from the faces of the people involved is immeasurable. As with the gleam on Rendra Zawawi and Zee Avi's faces as they strut the red carpet at the recently held 'Oscars of Asia' - The Golden Horse Film Festival. We're stoked and excited to follow their careers in music and see what other projects they 'get up to'. As they say in Malaysia, 'kipidap' (keep it up)! 

There are no words to express how overwhelmingly touched and grateful I am for all the congratulatory wishes and compliments we've gotten so far. When Zee AviAlvin Wee, and me embarked on this project, little did we know it was going to be a thing of history that all Malaysians would be proud of. And now it has become a thing to the world. I cannot thank you enough to the 金馬影展 TGHFF (The Golden Horse Film Festival 2016) and FINAS Malaysia (Malaysian Film Festival 2016) for making the song both nationally, and internationally recognized.

I finally had some downtime reading through social media today, and for the first time I teared up reading that the song brought you happiness, that the song gave you hope, that the song made you tear as well, that the song gave you strength to run the field one more lap, that the song got your little one to stop crying, and that the song made you proud to call yourself Malaysians. I know I am.

I've learned a lot in this journey as a musician, and as a person. I learned the true power of unity. I've always wanted to write something that moved people. something that people would remember. That was my sole mission. But little did I know that something like this was beyond me, alone. And then it happened. Working with the likes of fellow comrades Zee and Alvin made me realize that something this noble and pure can only be achieved together with kindred souls, through the constant exchange of energies that pushed each of us to our best version. The collaboration taught me that magic can happen when you put your best intentions forward together. Nothing can stop you, together.

Our recent achievement at the Golden Horse Festival proves that music is universal, that cuts across all barriers of differences. The song's message hopes to deliver hope and unity in dire times. I believe that has been achieved in every element of the song - words, melody, harmony, and even production. I believe when you have all these elements working together towards that goal, you have something good that every human being can understand and appreciate.

Thank you Zee, for having faith in my share of work. Thank you Alvin, for your endless labor of love on this project. Thank you director Chiu Dao and team for creating 'Ola Bola' , the perfect patriotic platform for the song to breathe in. And last for not least, thank you people, fans of the song. Thank you for recognizing our efforts.Tthank you for noticing the magic. Thank you for singing it in all your amazing covers, and heck, I believe most of you know the song better than any of us!
So thank you. You got us to where we are today.
#arenacahaya #olabola #tghff #thegoldenhorsefilmfestival #finas#astroamalaysia #kembalikankeyakinan #malaysiaboleh

Artist: Zee Avi
Theme song for Ola Bola Film 2016 by director Chiu Keng Guan. 
Distributed by Astro Shaw.
Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Lyricist, and Arranger: Rendra Zawawi

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Doppelganger Indie Picks: Y2K (MALAYSIA) meets Superman is Dead (INDONESIA)

Here we go again with Doppelganger Indie Picks. Each time, we select one local and one foreign artiste to share with you. This edition, we are shaking with excitement as we reintroduce two punk acts, both of whom have been around for quite some time. Whilst our Balinese counterpart, Superman is Dead enjoys a fan base of over 5million on Facebook, the other closer to home (we're speaking of Ampang in Kuala Lumpur) has an insignificant amount of but in our opinion, have the promise of being a really really really (as my Italian friend Valentina says) a smashing big band! So the long and short is, the Malaysian band Y2K has been established since the early 2000s and is about to release it's second album. How many albums did Sex Pistols release? Perhaps this article (Sex Pistols' Steve Jones interview: 'We should do a covers album') could be an inspiration to them to reinvent, repackage and just bloody get their band out there more and more and more :P Can't you tell we like 'em?


Who would never have heard of Y2K? To those who haven’t, they need to stop what they are doing and read up on the Malaysian punk history, pronto.  Y2K have been the silent killers for years since the 90s, occasionally making an appearance on stages (but never showing their faces beyond the eye slits of their stylish balaclavas) to give the most heart racing, fist pumping punk rock there is out there. Tight as a band, and really sound as general human beings, Y2K are definitely still one of the pioneer bands leading the underground scene today. (Written by Celine Belli)

Have a peak at Y2K opening for PARAMORE in KL:


SID, punk rock pioneers of Bali, Indonesia were born and bred in Kuta Rock City and made of Bobby Kool (lead vocal, guitar and a graphic designer), Eka Rock (a family man, bass and backing vocal) and Jrx (drummer).
The name ‘Superman is Dead’ evolved from Stone Temple Pilot’s “Superman Silvergun”. The name moved on to “Superman is Dead” because they like the idea that there’s no such thing as a perfect person out there. SID got together in 1995, drawn by their common love of Green Day and NOFX. Their influences soon extended to the punk ‘n roll genre a la Supersuckers, Living End and Social Distortion, and here they stay.SID public image is described as “Punk Rock a Bali” (a combo of the raw energy from NOFX vs Social Distortion with a Balinese Rockabilly attitude).
SID‘s first releases were with fabulous, small scale indie labels 1997 “Case 15″, 1999 “Superman is Dead”, 2002 “Bad Bad Bad”(mini album, 6 tracks).
In March 2003, SID finally signed with Sony-BMG Indonesia after extended negotiations regarding their right to sing the majority of their tracks in English. That decision resulted in SID becoming the first band from Bali to be invited to sign with a major recording label in Indonesia, the first band in their nation to be recording majority of songs in English and the first punk band in Indonesia to get the national exposure and promotion that working with a major label in a third world country provides. And so the history of Indonesian Punk Rock begins! 
And where are they now?
At the end of 2002, one of the more respectable music magazines cited SID as “The Next Big Thing” for 2003. With the release of their fourth album “Kuta Rock City” followed by major air play nationally and in some countries overseas, coupled with the instant popularity of their newest film clip.
SID found itself suddenly touring continuously throughout Indonesia.In 2003 SID got mentioned by Time Magazine Asia. They also won a few music awards “MTV Awards for The Best New Artist 2003”, “AMI Awards for The Best New Artist 2003” and nominated again in “AMI Awards 2006 for The Best Rock Album”.October 2007, they did an amazing Australian tour, 8 cities, 16 gigs, 33 days with their strong D.I.Y work ethic. June – July 2009, Superman Is Dead held An American Tour, 16 Gigs in 16 cities. 11 gigs of them were the ‘ Vans Warped Tour’ and the last 5 gigs were ‘From Bali With Rock’. They worked very hard to succeed this exciting tour and had crossed the big land from West Coast to East Coast return.
SID have shared the stage with international bands such as International Noise Conspiracy, NOFX, MXPX and Hoobastank.They remain proud, Balinese boys with a love for punk rock. (Provided by SID mgmt)

And so, our friendship struck with Y2K / FYI Entertainment since the early scene beginnings in 2000 has led to #CJPlayground - a mammoth day of music + tech + games with the #CJConcert on 15 NOV 2014 in Cyberjaya where both bands Y2K and SID will share the same stage amongst other great independent bands. Enjoy this session's Doppelganger Indie Picks!

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FEYST14 heads to Silicon Valley of Malaysia - Cyberjaya!



The 7th installation of FEYST: Independent Youth Festival will take place over three days from 14-16 November at LimKokWing University of Creative Technology in Cyberjaya.

What started off back in 2008 as a combo music and video games festival, has now gone above the line under the name “CYBERJAYA CREATIVE PLAYGROUND” or #CJPlayground in short. In collaboration with #CJPlayground, there will be four music concerts across two stage! 

  • #CJConcert feat. OAG, Y2K, S.O.G., Couple, An Honest Mistake +  2 Guest Bands from the Region (Names will be announced by 1st Nov)
  • FEYST Concert feat. Phlox, The Rubberbands ++ 
  • GBOB Malaysia (Global Battle of the Bands)
  • DoPPel Music World Open Mic
Other Programmes
  • CJTECHTalk feat. David Garpenstahl (Stockholm)
  • Cyberfusion LAN party by Spotgamers (MMU, Cyberjaya)
Festival pass: Get your FREE passes now. Tickets go on sale starting 1st NOV. Reserve your tickets now at
The GBOB World Final is coming to OSLO!
Oslo City is proud to be hosting this year’s GBOB World Final, at the Rockefeller, on the 8th of March 2015 (Sunday). GBOB is the Global Battle of the Bands, the biggest worldwide music competition for bands playing their own songs, live.
On March 2015, the best new bands from around the world will be gathering in Oslo and performing live before a Norwegian Audience and various Music Industry Professionals from around the world, in an effort to win this year’s title “Best New Band in the World” and a massive International Band Development Package, courtesy of GBOB Worldwide and its Partners. This year’s participating countries include Netherlands, Czech Republic, Australia, Malaysia, Romania, Moldova, England, Scotland, Belarus, and more. 
GBOB is a global live music competition for real, un-manufactured bands playing their own, original music. Other competitions, like Pop-Idol and X-Factor, are all about cover-songs. In GBOB there are only two main rules: all bands have to play their own songs, and play live. 
GBOB has grown year on year and to date has involved more than 40,000 musicians across Europe, Asia, Australia, and Central America. Its reputation for breaking new bands is proven by previous winners who have since signed deals with Warner Brothers, Universal and EMI as well as production deals with leading producers including Jim Lowe (Stereophonics, Charlatans) and Danny Saber (U2, David Bowie). ​To register or know more, please go to
See you at one of our FEYST events!