Wednesday, May 07, 2014

DoPPel Indie Picks: Of musical debuts... Singer songwriter Bihzhu in a Sondheim Musical & Lorde's EP, The Love Club

DoPPelganger Indie Picks is a selection of some of our favourites. We proudly present you with two artistes for your listening pleasure. 


Introducing Penang-born songbird, BIHZHU - singer songwriter who currently lives in Kuala Lumpur. Her foray into the world of musicals begins with Stephen Sondheim's "MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG" produced in KL by by Pan Productions. BIHZHU is also the voice behind Penang Tourism's TV commercial aired via Asian Food Channel, featuring Dato' Jimmy Choo. 

[New Zealand]

And from the twin towers across the Peninsular of Malaysia, we head across the South China and Tasman Seas to find New Zealander of Croatian/Irish heritage - LORDE. 

Her debut EP, The Love Club, was originally posted on SoundCloud in November 2012 and was available for free download. Manager Maclachlan said: "We felt it was a very strong piece of music and thought, let's just put it out and worry about the money later ... When it got to 60,000 free downloads [the record company] said, we have to stop now." A music supervisor in the United States heard the EP and played it to Lava Records CEO Jason Flom who subsequently wanted to meet Lorde and sign her to his Universal subsidiary label. Flom said: "We saw an immediate reaction around the world ... It was the first spark that lit the blaze of attention and activity that culminated in Lorde’s incredible album debut.  

Source: Wikipedia:

And so here is the story of musical debuts...

But first... this is a nice little project Esquiremy - a music compilation featuring Bihzhu as one of the performers. Check it out! 

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