Monday, January 20, 2014

NEWS: Red Bull Music Academy - applications now open!

We received an email from Willy Tan of Red Bull Malaysia/Sg, inviting all of YOU folks to sign up.

The Red Bull Music Academy’s been right around the world over the last fifteen years, and this autumn it's heading to Tokyo. Once again, the invitation is open to up and coming music makers from every continent to apply to be a part of a musical odyssey. The application phase will kick off from January 15 and runs until March 18 2014.

Tokyo is one of the world's most iconic cities - and one with a truly unique and vibrant cultural landscape. From the equipment designers and game soundtracks that have had an inestimable influence on modern music, to its very own 'electric town' (Akihabara), to grand concert halls and the many small but well-stocked record stores that are a collector's dream – Tokyo is a place for the imagination to take flight. 

Visit the RBMAcademy website to get a 360 on what to expect at the Academy, answers to FAQs, and tracks from the latest Various Assets compilation. They'll also get a randomly-generated glimpse of the city the Academy will be visiting.

Ben Liew of JUICE Malaysia shares his thoughts of RBMA New York when he went last year as a media guest. He wrote about what he saw and experienced here: A good read, we assure you!  

Well, perhaps DoppelKL would be invited to attend so we can share our experience with you. LOL! Dang! Wishful thinking! 
Share and #RBMATokyo #Doppelkl, TQ. 

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