Thursday, September 19, 2013

19 Sep 2013: Moonshine: Online, live streamed songwriters round

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There's a new show to the Moonshine series! This one's called Moonshine: Online. Besides it being a show that will be streamed online (hence the Online bit) it revives a long missed music format - the Songwriters Round!

All 4 singer-songwriters will be onstage at the same time, taking turns singing songs as well as talking about them. 

This first one will feature the amazing talents of:

- Filling in for a sick Bihzhu. Singer-songwriter and has a sweet tooth problem.

AZMYL YUNOR - A veteran singer-songwriter who's work inspired an entire theatre performance recently is no stranger to the scene. His songs have an "every day man" feel to it, a quality not many share and he can be an absolute joy to watch and listen to.

PAOLO DELFINO - Cheeky self-depreciation is what makes Paolo the "every day awkward young dude" to Azmyl's "every day man". If genres were important he'd be Easy-to-digest next-door-neighbour young-awkward-dude pop.

AZ SAMAD - Not a singer-songwriter in the traditional sense but says a lot more with his guitar than some people do singing. Come with your eyes open for this one. Terrible at jokes too :-p

Info on how to stream the show will be up soon!
19 September 2013 / 9PM
Laundry Bar, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, PJ
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