Tuesday, November 20, 2012

28 NOV: Wayang Kata VIII in George Town Literary Fest

Wayang Kata began in Kuala Lumpur in 2006 as collaboration between the British Council and Jasmine Low and Jerome Kugan, of open mic events Doppelganger and Troubadours, as an attempt to popularise the spoken word. Three years of performances to a packed house saw a host of UK poets grace the Wayang Kata stage in Kuala Lumpur - Francesca Beard, Jacob Sam-La Rose, Malika Booker, Kim Trusty and Polarbear - alongside a constellation of rising Malaysian poetry stars. 

This month, Wayang Kata brings the fun to George Town, Penang for the first time! Featuring a multi-lingual lineup of poets and spoken word performers in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Hokkien, Tamil, Thai, Burmese and more! 

Time: 8:00pm onwards
Date:  Saturday, 24th November 2012
Venue: Sekeping Victoria, Pulau Pinang 


is a former teacher trainer and lecturer from USM. She has recited poetry at events organised by Penang Players - a local theatre group - and at Little Penang Street Market. In 2009 she organised and performed in a state sponsored event "An Evening of Verse" at the Esplanade. In December last year she performed poetry at the Fringe stage in conjunction with the Penang Island Jazz Festival. In July this year she participated in the Reading & Writer's Installation event - "Trails of Light" as part of the George Town Festival.

She's always enjoyed writing & using jazz chants in language teaching. She dabbles in poetry when mood or muse prompts. When this happens the resulting effort may be of three types; the vaguely vacuous verse, the purely puerile and the occasionally contemplative.


is a retiree, who has worked in Penang Port Sdn Bhd as a Senior Fire Brigade Officer for 37 years. He has been actively writing poems & short stories in Tamil, published a few of his work in the Tamil Newspapers in the 70’s. He has also recited his poem at the Esplanade's "An Evening of Verse 2009”.


is a trilingual Malaysian who can’t seem to make up his mind between Bahasa Melayu & English as his main language, a poet who is a great example of the conundrum that is the current Malaysian youth – modern, exposed, liberal but yet struggling to find a sense of belonging in the identity crisis that rocks every English-speaking Malay Muslim. Most recently he's performed at the Creativity & The Spirituality Path, an ongoing series of events designed to nurture and cultivate creativity among Muslims around the globe.

is editor in chief of the literary and arts journal: Ping-Pong published by the Henry Miller Memorial Library in Big Sur, California. She taught poetry at Hartnell College in Salinas, California for 14 years. She also serves as editor of the Homestead Review. Her latest publications are in Badlands, Women's Arts Quarterly, The Patasola Review, Whole Beast Rag, Phren-z, Poetry Crush, Periodstain and Unshod Quills. 
For more information please check out her blog: www.mariateutsch.blogspot.com


is an educator, poet, slammer and travel junkie, her poems reveal that she finds solace in Divine Love and enjoys waves of goose bumps crashing on her every time she finds a good read, that she loves teaching literature to wide eyed souls in IIUM. These poems of hers have been seen canoodling with literary giants and the city’s enfant terribles (Poetry Underground, KL Slammers) at the KL Poetry Slams, Readings, MAP Arts Festival, The Annexe Gallery, KLPAC and even in her classes just to wake up the uninspired and the sleepyheads.


admits his poetry is a hobby and vividly reflects his personal experiences and things that moved him emotionally. Having been a travel consultant for a small independent travel agency, Mark travels extensively and especially enjoys long train and bus journeys. In the past six years, this 55-year old Scottish has been in and out of Penang and he’s normally armed with a camera while blogging about the island and Malaysia.


has been indulging in writing poems and short stories in Tamil since 15 years ago. Many of his poems and stories have been published in Tamil Daily Newspapers. Currently, he is one of the writers of a local Tamil magazine, THENDRAL


​is a VIMA nominated urban poet and songwriter based in Penang, Malaysia. His music is a curious mix of Rock, Hip-Hop and World music styles. Within one year of his first recorded track, Ksatriya has developed a trademark rap/poetry style that sets him apart from the competition.

His focus on lyrical content, great music and top-notch quality has earned him a nomination at the VOICE Independent Asian Music Awards. 


is a writer and musician based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His first album, Songs For A Shadow, was released in 2008.

He's currently working on his second album, City Of Mud. Performing in both acoustic and electronic (MIDI) formats, Jerome's music and vocal stylings have been compared to Bjork, Morissey, Depeche Mode, Jeff Buckley, PJ Harvey, and The Notwist, among others.


is a marketing communication consultant with a passion for writing short stories and hosting community arts events. Born in Penang in 1970, she is passionate about empowering youth and has dedicated her life's work to providing various platforms for musicians, poets, filmmakers, beat boxers and pro-gamers to showcase their skills.

One such platform is FEYST – a digital lifestyle and independent music festival she co-founded; where over 45 young Malaysians have had a chance to represent Malaysia at international festivals in USA, France, Sweden and Australia. She is recipient of the Voize Indie Music Awards - Hall of Fame in 2010 for her contribution to the independent music industry.

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