Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Doppelganger Indie Picks Oct 2012: RELENT, ARIFF AB, SHILA AMZAH


Each month, we select a couple of videos of artistes to share with you. This time around, in conjunction with the FEYST12: Independent Youth Festival we're pleased to Introduce to you all three acts from Malaysia:

RELENT, a band with a cause - ''. RELENT is a Kuala Lumpur based rock band known for their electrifying sets on stage, emotionally passionate acoustic sessions, sincere lyrics and positively-fueled music but they are also a band with a cause that fights against modern day slavery and injustice. Since their formation RELENT have reached more than 100,000 audiences, having played in different cities in Malaysia as well as countries such as New Zealand, South Africa, the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates.

ARIFF AB released a 6 track EP titled 'Satellite' in 2010. Malaysia based Alternative/Indie Folk singer-songwriter has toured China and Singapore with his tunes and about to release an album titled 'Transmission' in 2012.

SHILA AMZAH - latest Malaysian pop sensation who won the Asia Wave Competition in China was born in 1990, and started singing at the age of 5. After taking part in various singing competitions, she got her first record deal at the age of 13. She blossomed into a singing sensation after TV program, One In A Million Malaysia where she on got second place.

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