Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Doppelganger Indie Picks: POP IS THE FEVER! PSY (Korea) a global sensation & Nadhira (Malaysia)

Introducing... the most talked-about man of today! But wait! 
First, let's introduce you to one of the nicest music videos I've seen by Malaysian songstress, Nadhira feat. Canadian rapper, Vandal. Production house 100 Monkeys. Seems like producing a surreal music video is the way into our hearts for any musician these days! Here's 'Closer' from her '12 Shades' album. More online:

Artist: Nadhira feat. Vandal
Country: Malaysia

And now... the man, yes, the man whom we've all had eyes on for his tush.

His name is Park Jae-Sang and he's a South Korean rapper. We know him as PSY - today's YouTube phenomenon that has spurred on so many parodies by people from all around the world! The hit song is “Gangnam Style” - about one of the more affluent areas in Seoul, South Korea. Since his debut in 2000, he's been active in the music scene but never expected this music video release to be such a phenomenal hit. It MUST be his unique dance moves!

Need we say more about PSY? Within a short short span of 2 months since the release of his music video, OPA GANGNAM STYLE garnered over 100,537,404 hits (since 15 July 2012). All credit goes to PSY for songwriting, lyrics, choreography too!

Country: South Korea
Artist: PSY

And here's The Making Of... Opa Gangnam Style! It's kinda nice to watch PSY being candid like a Godfather checking out the takes after the shoot and laughing his head off! Like that was the whole intention in the first place. Just to make people laugh!

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