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21-27 April: Rockin' 4 the Environment - SUN BEAR ROCK! Fundraiser

Rockin' 4 the Environment takes place from from 21 - 27 April 2012 (note date change due to BERSIH 3.0 on 28 April). Play a part in raising awareness and funds for the SUN BEARS by simply attending any one of the many shows we've lined up for you.

There will be a flurry of music based events during that week (21, 25, 26, 27 April). There will also be one satellite event in Universiti Malaya (22 April). Regretfully, the shows in Penang, No Black Tie have been cancelled. However, the silver lining is that DoPPel Kafe will be welcoming Back Seat Radio II presents Record Store Day for the first time in Malaysia, and will contribute funds raised from its donation boxes to both Get Well Alda Tan and Sun Bear Rocks! 

We're really looking forward to doing our part for Earth Day in April! How about you?
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Be a part of the musicians for the environment revolution! This year, the festival raises awareness & funds for the Bornean Sun Bears! We'd like to thank every single member of the music community for participating in this awareness fundraiser! Let your voices be heard through time as you sing to save the sun bears!

35 musicians and bands ROCK 4 the Environment in 2012!

Amir Yusof
Rafique Rashid
Free Deserters
Jerome Kugan
Ady Suwardy
Dzamira Dzafri
Ariff AB
Amrita Soon
Dekya Rose
Meliha Faisal
Idzwan Johar & The The
Kim Sng
Ten Thousand Talents
The Impatient Sisters
Our Sunset
Handle with Care
The D.I.A.
The Wave
The Outbreak
Vice Versa
and more!

Please click here to read the full press release

Facts! Honey bears = Sun bears! Make the world a better place! Love the Sun Bears! Not for their fur$!. Not for their paws&!. Not for their brains for soup*!. Not for their skull as decor>! Love the Sun Bears for being one of the world's most beautiful living creatures.

Sun Bear Rock! festival runs from 21-27 April 2012 and
celebrates Earth Day on 22 April with weeklong activities:

Date: 21 Apr, 2012
Time: 12:00-4:00pm
Event: Official Launch & School Band Showcase. 
Also featuring Rafique Rashid, The Impatient Sisters,
Shazet, Rustic Rose, Ten Thousand Talents, Taknak!
Venue: Central Market Main Stage
Cost: Free Entrance

Date: 22 Apr, 2012
Time: 2:00-5:00pm
Event: Sun Bear Rocks! celebrates Earth Day 
Featuring Lynnzay A., A Ruthless Cleansing, Lim Yan Tong,
Dzamira Dzafri and 
Our Sunset.
Venue: Universiti Malaya
Cost: RM3

Date: 25 Apr, 2012 
Time: 8:00-11:00pm
Event: Sun Bear Rocks! Jazz Blues Country Open Mic features
Ady Suwardy, Ryota Katayama, Meliha Faisal, The Wave and more!
Venue: Doppel Kafe, Central Market Annexe
Cost: RM15

Date: 26 Apr, 2012
Time: 8:00-11:00pm
Event: Sun Bear Rocks! Open Mic featuring Jerome Kugan,
Dzamira Dzafri, Offroads, Civet Cat Coffee, Wani Ardy and Taknak!
Venue: Doppel Kafe Central Market Annexe
Cost: RM5

Date: 27 Apr, 2012
Time: 4:00-6:00pm
Event: Sun Bear Rocks! Bazaar, Free Concert & Auction features ISKL school bands, beatboxer Kim Sng, Dzamira Dzafri and newcomer Amrita Soon. Join in the Sun Bear Rock Flashmob at 6pm!
Venue: Central Market Main Stage
Cost: Free entry

Date: 27 Apr, 2012
Time: 7.30-11.30pm
Event: Sun Bear Rocks! Finale Concert featuring Amir Yussof, Rafique Rashid, Phlox, Fazz,
Ariff AB, Dekya's Rose, Idzwan Johar & The The, Free Deserters, The D.I.A. and more!
Venue: Central Market Annexe Gallery
Cost: RM40

Thank you to all bands who registered. Registrations are now closed.
If you're free but would like to do something to contribute, LIKE and share the link. You could also sign up as a volunteer. Just email us. Thank you!

How to participate? 
1. Attend any one of the shows! 
2. Share this event with your friends.
3. Buy our popular ‘CARE FOR A SUN BEAR PACK’. RM150 includes ALL ACCESS PASS TO THE FESTIVAL, SUN BEAR ADOPTION CERTIFICATE & A LIMITED EDITION T-SHIRT! Simply sign up by completing a form with your details and a donation of RM150 at any of the events, for your ‘Care for a Sun Bear’ pack. You’ll receive a pack of limited edition postcards of a Sun Bear family and a short story about at BSBCC, a festival pass to ALL events and a limited edition t-shirt. This is a great gift for any occasion – show you care, by helping make a real difference to Sun Bears’ lives!

Co-Organisers & Beneficiaries

Environmental Education Alliance South East Asia (EEASEA)
Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC)

Event Partner

Go International Group (music scheduling & festival assistance)
Eco-Knights (22 April Universiti Malaya)

Venue Partners

Central Market
DoPPel Kafe
Universiti Malaya

NGO Partners

Come visit the booths on 27 April 2012 to find out more

Raleigh International
Gerai Orang Asli
ISKL High School Earth Club
ISKL SUN BEAR ROCK! club (middle school)

Photographs courtesy BSBCC

Interesting links:
Musicians supporting Sun Bear Rock!
Amir Yussof is no stranger to the music scene. A singer/songwriter, musician and voice talent, he moved to Sabah in May 2007 and currently resides here. Although his musical career has been full of ups and downs, today he boasts of 3 solo albums, AIM's Best English Album of the Year in 1996 as well as the admiration and respect as a creative and non-conventional artist.

A performer for the last 24 years, Amir is comfortable in a small pub or a big concert. His repertoire consists of originals and original covers. Having run a few venues of his own and played around Europe in his early days, Amir is familiar with audiences of different nationalities, easy going and passionate about his music.

He currently resides in Sabah where runs an entertainment and events company that sources for talent and is often called upon to create an event or ambience for a particular venue. He collaborates closely with NGEO's in Borneo. Amir has also been a prominent voice of choice for the last 15 years on many T.V commercials and documentaries as a voice over talent, the most noteworthy being the voice of Tarzan for the Malay version of the animated movie created by Disney.

More information can be found at his personal site -

Rafique Rashid - A veteran of the Malaysian live music scene and one of the pioneers of the local independent singer/songwriter genre, Rafique Rashid started his musical journey in 1978 and moved from the pub scene to the private function/annual dinner circuit with stints in Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

He developed a reputation for combining music with satire that typically included biting commentaries on local and international politics, current affairs and Malaysian social idiosyncracies, usually via frenetic lyrical spoofs of well-known tunes. He later expanded his repertoire with original songs, some comedic, some not.

He has also written and produced music for many local and international theatre, dance and stage productions; formed and played in an Orang Asli fusion band called 'Akar Umbi' and co-founded the KL jazz club 'No Black Tie'. He is currently in semi-retirement and only occasionally performs either for charity or just for the fun of it....

The Impatient Sisters 

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