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Event 8 Mar: DoPPel celebrates Women's Day

DoPPel Kafe celebrates International Women's Day 8th March this year by featuring some of KL's known and upcoming female filmmakers, musicians & poets. Come join us this year and play a part in strengthening the arts & culture spirit amongst women folk. Spread the word...

STAND OUT this international women's day. Join us at DoPPel Kafe to celebrate International Women's Day on 8th March this year. 

The evening presents KL's foremost female filmmakers, musicians & poets. Come join us this year and play a part in strengthening the arts & culture spirit amongst women folk. Spread the word... All are welcome! 12 CONFIRMED ACTS!

* Readings by:
Girls from Home of Peace
Bernice Chauly
Elaine Foster
Jasmine Low
Sheena Baharuddin + Winn Er!

* Singing performances by:
Lynnzay A. of Senoritas
Taysha's Ink
Abstrak hingga ke bulan
Shh... Diam!
The Impatient Sisters
Kim Sng beatboxer!

GO SHOPPING @ booths by:
Tanma Federation - handicraft by Burmese ladies
Hannah Lo & friends - homemade cakes & tarts

Want to know more about the performers?
Read more here:

Event details:
Date: Thursday, 8 March 2011
Time: 7.00 - 11.00pm onwards
Entry: RM40 incl bites+1drink
Buy pre-sale tickets NOW to enjoy 2 drinks!
Groups/Students: Buy 10 tickets, Get 1 free!
1/3 of funds raised will go towards a particular shelter home for girls
Beneficiary: Home of Peace shelter home for girls

How to buy tickets?
1) Call/sms 017 623 0288 or email
2) Bank in to: 'Doppelganger Industries Sdn Bhd'
AmBank Current A/C: 081 201 201 5575
Scan & email us your bank-in slip
3) Purchase from DoPPel Kafe @ Central Market Annexe

Want to know more about IWD?
2012 theme: Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures

What can you do if you can't come?
You are still welcome to contribute either time, money or goods to the shelter home for girls - Home of Peace located in the Klang Valley. They support 13 girls between the ages of 1 years to 18 years. Contact us for details.

Performers' Biography:

Bernice Chauly is a Malaysian writer, poet, actor, photographer and filmmaker. She graduated with a B.Ed in English Literature and TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) from the University of Winnipeg, Canada, and has worked extensively in the arts for over 20 years. Of Chinese and Punjabi parentage, her work stems from the desire to tell stories, and she has worked with marginalised communities from sex workers and refugees to indigenous peoples, in mediums that incorporate film, photography and prose. She has published two collections of poetry, going there and coming back (1997), The Book of Sins (2008), a collection of short stories, Lost in KL (2008) and a critically-acclaimed memoir Growing Up With Ghosts (2011), an exploration of grief, personal and political history, and bloodlines. She works in both Bahasa Malaysia and English, and her work has been exhibited, screened, published locally and internationally. She is also the founder of Readings and CeritAku, two live literary platforms in Kuala Lumpur, now in its eighth year. She lives in Kuala Lumpur with her two daughters and she keeps a blog of her work at
Elaine Foster specialises in teaching performance poetry and spoken word. She regularly organises and hosts spoken word events including the unofficial KL Poetry Slam. Elaine trained under Word Forward teaching poetry slam to secondary school children in Singapore, then joined the Academy at KLPAC to teach 10 and 12yrs olds and currently is a full time teacher with Blu Bricks. She participated in the LitUp Festival Singapore 2009 with the Malaysian poetry ensemble group ‘Lost Poets and organized LitUp KL in 2011, a literary performing arts festival for emerging and young writers and performers. Elaine continues to volunteer with Reboot The Roots (Fallen Leaves), a community theatre group based in Malaysia using the Theatre of the Oppressed with socially excluded communities such as recovering drug users, the stateless, the underprivileged, young offenders and those living with HIV/AIDS.
Jasmine Low is a social entrepreneur who plays a pivotal role in uncovering independent musicians. Under the indie brand Doppelganger Open Mic, she has organised and hosted some 150 community events showcasing independent singer songwriters, musicians, writers, poets and filmmakers since 2002. She is also partner of marketing communication agency, Go International Group. The annual Indie Youth Festival // Digital Delirium Xpo brings together youth from all facets of society, linked together by digital technology. She writes short stories and performs spoken words in her spare time.

Sheena B is a certified hug dispenser, performance poet and travel junkie who will be performing alongside 23 year old newcomer guitarist, Winner Chan

Lynnzay A. of Senoritas is an independent performer and supporter, inspired/ supported by her family and friends who always believe in her. She sings, dances, acts, hosts, choreographs, composes songs and has been aggressively moving ahead in the Malaysian music industry. Visit to listen. 
Tashya’s Ink is a 4 piece band formed in 2008 and based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The band currently consists of Tashya Basir on vocals and rhythm guitar, Iriz Iziad Abdullah on lead guitar, Zarul Ikhwan on bass and Syarizwan Abdullah on drums. After winning the first season of MyStarz LG competition in 2007, Tashya decided to form a band so the search for bandmates began in early 2008. Tashya’s Ink has recently finished recording their first 6 song EP and will be releasing 2 singles soon, an English number called ‘HU’ and a Malay one by the name of ‘Yang Ku Mahu’. Tashya's Ink play a mixture of sounds from the elements of rock, folk and alternative. Influences that span the music spectrum, from KT Tunstall to Alter Bridge to The Temper Trap can be heard in their sound. Check out
Abstrak hingga ke Bulan was founded in 2006 by Jen Ed aka Zarul-lead guitarist/programmer/vocal (previously from popular band D-va), Deeba- lead vocalist, Kepanche- rhytm guitarist, Aretoms-bassist. Their influences include Asobi Seksu,Puffy Amiyumi,No Doubt, Meg and DIa,Letters To Cleo. Listen to their radio friendly songs here:

Shh...Diam! was formed in August 2009. Actually they were formed before they existed. Farah made the band up when she got a gig by saying she had a band when she didn't. She recruited her schoolmate Diyz on bass, cousin Yon on guitar and ex-colleague Kurin on drums because they were there. Kurin left to get married and Jellene joined them a short while later to fill a void in their drummer-less lives. Shh..Diam! does not suck as much as they used to because they practice sometimes. They sound much like what any band would sound like if you put jazz, metal and punk together in a big bowl, add eggs, flour, water, a pinch of salt, butter and put that in your oven. Wrap in foil and leave overnight to retain moisture. You might get a moist butter cake but you will also get a nice musical smorgasbord. Want more? 
the impatient sisters
The Impatient Sisters are not your typical vanilla flavoured run-of-the-mill girl band, The Impatient Sisters write and sing expressive tunes with bouts of romantic depth, blending together quirky soul and folk-pop to create a unique flavour. Distinctly signaturised by haunting harmonies and lyrical peculiarity, the three sisters from Kuantan are happily addicted to making their fans happy with expressive songs on love, death, heartbreak, letting go, sleeping and other random observations of modern life. Quickly surf to
Min'Z (pronounced - Min Zee) is a 21-year-old who writes depressing, suicidal songs but leads a good, fat, happy life. Want a copy of the Charcoaled Firefly EP? Kindly send in your details to As reviewed by Juergen Michael Becker - "Her debut-EP ‘Charcoaled Firefly’ (2010) is taking this approach a step further. Min'z presents 8 original tracks with her voice being the centre-point within an enormous variety of aural landscapes. Once she is surrounded by sweet-sounding acoustic instruments (Tomatoes, Sore, Caught Between), guitar-lines running backwards (Are We), next embedded in strange ambient noises and other-worldly choirs (Lies). The listening experience is topped by ‘Fear’, a song driven by a relentless rhythm-machinery and marked by heavily processed guitars and voices; a show-case for goth/industrial rock at its best. Scrambling for comparisons from the international stage, names like Damien Rice, Tori Amos and Dido come to mind. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this straight-shooting new artist presenting herself and her music in a performance far off the mainstream. Here she is:

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