Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wish list: Introducing the Bose L1

A nice to have donchatink? Introducing the BOSE L1. We want we want this for Christmas!!!!
11 Dec 2011 update: DoPPel Kafe is a very proud owner of the BOSE L1 and invites all artistes to come check it out! Yeah!!!

Since purchasing the L1, we've had no regrets. Just wish now that we could have two of them! Of course, if we had invested in the L1 in the first place, we would have been better off... but that was also almost double the price if we had purchased it in Malaysia.

The beauty about the L1 compact, is that we use that together with a 16-channel Mackie mixer loaned to us from our friend, Peter Hassan Brown. The most number of instruments we've plugged in at one time without any issues was 4 - lead guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and microphone. It works well, and we have also sometimes brought in stand alone guitar & bass amps, with the L1 left to just manage the vox.

Now, because we're on a budget and most of the time when we run larger gigs, sound system is rented in, the L1 compact works well for our needs. But very soon, we'll be wishing for another L1 and some amps, a brand new mixer etc!

In short, no regrets!

 3 March 2012 update:  On our way to purchase our very own mixer!

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