Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Where are the gigs?

We're well rested and will begin with our slurry of gigs for the rest of 2011 on 1st October in KL. If you'd like to perform, just fill up the form. If you'd like to come chill and relax with us, stay tuned :) In addition to our space in Penang on 15 Bangkok Lane, Pulau Tikus, our latest project is the Doppelganger Music Cafe in the heart of KL - a creative space for all. We welcome all musicians regardless of genre and we don't even care to audition you during our open mic sessions. That's what keeps us an 'inclusive' space so we'll let the audience judge your music for themselves. Snigger. Sometimes, they're harder people to please that we are! Be seeing you soon!

We'll be in touch soon with more news!

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