Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Doppelganger Indie Picks - Zee Avi & Rafique Rashid

It's time again for our special indie selections by Jaz. This month, we're pleased to share with you two artistes. One, whom many of you would have already been following, is ZEE AVI. The Sarawak-born singer songwriter, is only 23-years and was signed up by Jack Johnson's US label, Brushfire in 2008. She's been based in the US since then. Her latest album (released 23 Aug) titled "Ghostbird" takes on a new 'Calypso' twist says a review. Have a listen to how simple the production is, yet it's tightly produced. And of course, one of the secrets of success, we believe, for any artiste, is the tour. Her calendar seems to be real full! We just hope to invite Zee Avi to one of our shows next year. Go, Zee!

The other talent we'd like to showcase is someone who I have full respect for, and has been a strong supporter of the indie scene in the Klang Valley. He's off-the-cuff, a complete natural and is also a passionate cyclist! Yes, that's right. He rides bikes. As a singer songwriter, he has written material for musicials e.g. Atomic Jaya, and was also a part of a duo with Antares called Akar Umbi. He performs sometimes with his brother Rehman (although I've personally yet to catch their performance). There's limited footage of And I will be one of the first in line to buy a copy of his CD when he releases it! Go, Rafique! 

Los Angeles, USA
Artist: Zee Avi

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Artist: Rafique Rashid

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