Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tribute to YUNA

Here's a tribute to someone whom we've followed for awhile in the singer songwriter scene. It's so comforting when you see someone as talented as she is, relentless reinventing herself and pursuing her career in music. Earlier this month, she joined the Fader Label to debut her EP 'Decorate' in the US. She is YUNA. We're always in awe of you. Keep on writing the music you do and we look forward to featuring you at one of our shows in future. Read more yunamusic.com.

Here are some of the gigs/concerts organised by Go International Group & community project - Doppelganger that featured YUNA:

Yuna, Indie Youth Fest 2008 in conjunction with Electronic Sports World Cup

Yuna, Indie Youth Fest 2009 in conjunction with DreamHack Sweden Qualifiers

Yuna, Rockin' for the Environment Fundraiser

Yuna, Selangor Muzikal Ekstravaganza 2009 Shah Alam

ROCKIN' FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: A very old and not so good vid of YUNA performing at environmental awareness gig; Rockin' for the Environment in Kuala Lumpur. The event raised almost RM20,000 for the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary and was organised by Benchmarx - a band comprising of school teachers from ISKL.

We're going through our archives in search of more footages. Will be right back! Drop us an email if you have some footages of YUNA at any of the events above: openmickl@gmail.com.

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