Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gig: Sunday, 25 April 2010 @ Palms Grill, Skypark Terminal SAAS Airport (old T3)


Izzy Mohamed

Kyoto Protocol 

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A band of four horsemen who hail from different areas in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All children of the 1980's, living life experiencing different walks of music. After numerous changes in members and band names, they now go by the name of CYNOSURE. The band consists of: Falique on vocals and guitars, Douglas on drums and second vocals, Jo on 2nd guitars, and Dwan on bass. Their music samples different genres from funk to hardrock to more vocal oriented pieces... However, they can be more precisely categorized as a Modern / Alternative / Hardrock outfit. Check 'em out on

IZZY MOHAMED started singing in a band called Cultural Cocktails in 2001. The band didn't last that long. In 2003 she was asked by a friend to join their band to play bass. "Didn't really know how to play back then, but I learned," she says. The band was called Escaping Monday. She adds, "We didn't last too cause half went overseas. Not too long after the band split, I was asked to join another band called Ziel to play bass.. and at the same time I worked on my own songs as well.. 2004 was a busy year for me cause that's when I decided to venture in the solo singer-songwriters world as well as play in a rock band!.. that was nerve wrecking Pete! From then onwards, I guess I was lucky to be accepted.. =) and here I am now..."

Songs in her EP:
1. Closed Door
2. Home
3. Sleep
4. Pelangi

KYOTO PROTOCOL much said about them...

"Coming in second was crowd favourite Kyoto Protocol, which got the crowd on their toes singing along and screaming the band's name...""-Christina Low, The Star Metro

"Kyoto Protocol is weird ... In a nice way .. It's like an experimental Queens of the Stone Age ... Yeah ... I dunno how to explain it" -PostAGig(KL), PostAGig(KL)

Doppelganger Gigs & Open Mic welcomes all acts - musicians, poets even filmmakers. Come share. Where is this held? Come on over to Palms Grill & Restaurant, SkyPark SAAS Terminal - the former Subang airport located just 10 minutes from The Curve area (if you know the back way). Catch you then next Sunday night :)

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