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Thank you Voize for your recognition! Things you might not know about Doppelganger Open Mic...

Firstly, thank you VOIZE and Siva Zaphod Chandran for coming up with the Voize Independent Music Award and for honouring Doppelganger founder Jasmine Low as a Hall of Fame Inductee. It's an honour. This is for all of YOU. Curtsies...

Jerome Kugan on the phone with bear on head and then it's Jaz

Hello! That's Junk's new Ed, Sarah Chan :) Junk got inducted into the Hall of Fame too!

Doppelganger's Jasmine Low and Nikki Yeo, pictured here with interns Keith Chan and Melisa Suciati (2007)
As I write this note, the prompt below the text box asks me "Feeling bold"? and ironically, that's how we got into organising open mics in the first place. A bold move to start up an open mic night with only a couple of acts including Gman, a guy from Johor who was able to play a 12-string guitar, Jaz herself singing (badly) while plucking the bass and Beryl singing Fly Me to the Moon! Then, we were called Valhalla Open Mic and we held our gigs every Thursday relentlessly for a year at Liquid Bar Central Market. We hosted all kinds of acts back in 2002/3. The regular suspects then were D'Bonez, ChillaZ, Saerze and Orange69, Superbar, Ariff Akhir and Ady Suwardy. Valhalla Open Mic & Bazaar was most likely one of the first flea market/gigs ever in the valley :) Yeah... some highlights were Lennard G singing opera and Muna Noor selling her CDs at our markets. And WOW those went like hot cakes! As Valhalla ceased by end 2004, Doppelganger KL took shape and continues championing the open mic / open platform / no-audition required performance 'movement'. Then Doppelganger joined forces with Troubadours - Jerome Kugan, Azmyl Yunor and Tan Sei Hon to produce a series of gigs called 'Troubaganger'. Nikki Yeo joined the troupe. And since then, we've evolved to producing an annual giant GIG - Independent Youth Festival (Indie Youth Fest), a celebration of digital and DIY culture. Indie Youth Fest was responsible for bringing 8 indie acts to Sydney, Australia in 2009 and will continue to work towards bringing Malaysians to international festivals around the world.

To all the artistes who have supported us throughout the years, thank you! Together, we've done some amazing things. Here are some milestones:

Doppelganger and Troubadours came together to do the Troubaganger nites at La Bodega @ Tengkat Tong Shin in 2004/5. Here, we organised our first readings inspired by a creative writing workshop by Beth Yahp. That, 'mencetus' a series of "Wayang Kata" spoken word events in collaboration with British Council and Apples&Snakes UK.

Many may not know but Doppelganger opened up a POP-UP cafe called "Indie Scene Cafe" at Picolo Galleria in Nov&Dec 2005. It was open mic everyday!

And Doppelganger's Indie Scene Cafe played host to the 1st Filmmakers Anonymous screening. It was a cool nite thanks to Mien Lor and Effa Desa! 2005

A recent collaboration with Shambala Kidz thanks to the connection with Jojo Struys and Hannah Lo at No Black Tie where the event raised almost RM45,000!

We garnered support from NTV7 Breakfast Show to feature Pete Teo (Television) and Adeline Choo (Miss Malaysia World 2006)

We collaborated with band Benchmarx to organise additional shows to help raise funds for the Orang Utan Rock Festival @ Sohokl (2009). The mini concert featured Yuna, Freeloaders Inc, Anuar Faiq, Benchmarx, Freak of Channel, Sparanormal etc.

One of our first attempts at organising a NYE party - it was a huge learning curve for us and we've carried those valuable lessons to safeguard our future.

Doppelganger's 1st Chinese gig at NBT hosted by our intern, Keith Chan with special guest, Jasemaine Gan. What a brave move, Keith!!

Early days where we worked together with Saz Lo, Becky and Beryl to organise a series of gigs for International Women's Day. Thanks to Lina Tan of Red Comm, we also had a stage to feature indie acts like Ground Xero at Midvalley during the 3R Hari Wanita. (2003)

The team roped in to assist with the 1st Global Battle of the Bands.. Thks too to Zalila Lee for lending her help. Y2K took the crown home that first year! (2007)

A nice way to kickstart the new year! With a charity fundraising gig in collaboration with MALAYSIA AIRLINES and SKYPARK TERMINAL SAAS Airport. (2010)

Dichi Michi, one of the bands that performed at Indie Youth Fest 2009 @ The Star's Studio V at LG Rainforest 1Utama.

Shawn Lee and Megat Rave challenge each other at the Indie Youth Fest 2009 Beatbox Competition. Shawn Lee took home the 1st prize. The competition was organised with 16-year old Megat Salleh.

As part of Indie Youth Fest, Go International E-Sports Cup brought 5x counter strike gamers to Dreamhack Winter in Sweden. The event gathered 12000 folks hooked up on LAN and provided a stage for mostly Swedish bands. We'd like to bring a band with us this year... sponsor permitting :)

One Buck Short, Reza Salleh, Liyana Fizi, Rashdan Harith perform at Sydney Darling Harbour, Australia. The trip was a part of the Indie Youth Fest initiative, supported by Malaysia Airlines.

As reported in Jasmine Low's facebook notes collection.

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