Wednesday, January 13, 2010

News 13 Jan 2010: Malaysia Revival Songwriting Competition (MRSC) seeks talents

Hello! We received this email and are just blasting it out in case some of you are interested. Please note that this is not a Doppelganger project and we're merely passing the word around. Good luck if you're participating!


Malaysia Revival Songwriting Competition (MRSC) aims to seek out and nurture potential talents in the area of music and original songs and music.

Accompanying each of the last four nationwide songwriting competitions, different areas of music studies were sponsored to winners as part of the prizes. Courses offered were short studies at SAE Malaysia (Sound & Audio Engineering), Anne Musikschuller (Vocal), Gsus Ministry (Harmony), Master Piece Ministry (Pianistic Style), Tung Ling Bible School (worship ministry) and etc. Other prizes to the successful candidates included prize money which totalled at MYR$40,000, and recording deal which totalled at MYR$94,000 between years 2005-2008.

The existing competition categories are Awards to the Best Songwriting, Best English Lyric, Best Chinese Lyric, Best Malay Lyric, Best Band Performance, Best Solo Performance and Best Instrumental Music.

The new non competitive category in 5th MRSC will be: Award to the Most Popular Song

Open to youth group, language department or church. Original song or songs that has or have been sung in your services can be proposed to the 5th MRSC. (one song per nomination form )

The last date of submission is 12th Feb, 2010.

The objective of Award to the Most Popular Song is:
1. Introduce the song to other church group
2. Assist in the process of recording
3. Assist in fundraising for your other project

Submission is through email ( using the attached nomination form.

For Revival Music,

5th MRSC Committee

Amelia Tan

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