Friday, December 04, 2009

Gig: 13 Dec 2009 @ No Black Tie, KL

NEW! Sharanya Manivannan joins us via YOU TUBE!!!

Listen to the poetic Wani Ardy

Band, Phlox

Instrumental - He Libra

Enter Tshiung Han See's Twitterverse

Jasmine Low reads and hosts the night

13 Dec 2009 @ No Black Tie, Kuala Lumpur

Doppelganger Gig Series presents
a special year-end show

He Libra
Wani Ardy
Readings by Jasmine Low & Tshiung Han See
Plus, special guest, SHARANYA MANIAVANNAN shares her spoken words via YOU TUBE!

Cover charge: RM20
Time: 9.30pm-late

//// ARTISTES' BIO ////

He Libra is an experimental post rock outfit from Ipoh, Malaysia. Started out in the midst of 2003 as Julies Plot Tragedy, playing mostly indie and emorock music. Evolving music preferences, maturity and passion had lead to various line-up changes and musical direction over the past years. End of 2006, He Libra started the journey of passion, playing indie experimental post rock. Promising passionate avant-garde experimental post rock so keep your finger cross as we are surely to satisfy your musical lust.

Phlox released its EP it's a band of five very ordinary people. we hope to perform magic tricks on the streets one day. Phlox will be giving away their EPs so be early and grab your signed copy!!

Wani Ardy mempunyai obsesi misteri terhadap kord C. Selain itu, Wani Ardy gemar memuntahkan rasa melalui pensil berbanding pen. Ini kerana, pensil lahir dari kayu, kayu lahir dari pokok, dan pokok itu hidup, sepertimana manusia juga hidup, maka kimia antara keduanya lebih mudah terjalin. OK Wani Ardy licik beralasan.

"Sharanya Manivannan is the Sri Lankan womanist poet I've been waiting for - a writer with guts and passion and precision, brave enough to tell all the Sri Lankan women's stories that have been needing to be told for too long. Incredibly fierce!" - Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (Consensual Genocide).

Tshiung Han See got his start in performance poetry at the British Council's now-defunct poetry night Wayang Kata. He has performed at Readings at Seksan's, Pekan Frinjan, Poetry Slam, and Say Goodnight, Twitterverse. His poetry has appeared in the pages of Klue magazine and the British Council poetry chapbook Wellversed. His poetry can also be viewed online at He hosts the Say Goodnight, Twitteverse open mic night.

Jasmine Low reads short stories she writes and writes short stories of what she reads.

Team Doppelganger says THANK YOU to ALL ARTISTES & their FANS for supporting the independent scene, for making it come alive, for being a part of an unceasing energy which only transforms from sounds to bright lights... Thank you for being a part of our 2009 series. We wish you a Merry Xmas, Happy New Year and may things unresolved in 2009 have closure before we step into the next decade. It's 10 years since the new Millennium. What's your wish for the following years? We love you all and we thank you. Peace :)

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