Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Special update: Team [LZ] Malaysia heads off to DreamHack - largest digital festival in da world!

How does it jive? Doppelganger Open Mic and the largest digital festival in the world, DreamHack? Eh? Scratches head.

Well, it all started last year in 2008 when our company, Go International Group launched our very first Independent Youth Festival (a giant gig) in conjunction with Electronic Sports World Cup (France). Wow! C'est chouette! That led to more things than we had ever imagined! This year, we did it again and introduced Indie Youth Fest // Digital Delirium Xpo // Go International E-Sports Cup // DreamHack Malaysia. And got DiGi Broadband in as our main sponsor for the Digital Delirium Xpo :)

So, besides music, here's a sneak peek into what else we champion - video games! Next week, we will be bringing a team of CS1.6 gamers - the champions of our very own Go International E-Sports Cup to Jonkoping, Sweden to play amongst 32 of the best best CS1.6 teams from around the world - MeetYourMakers & SK Gaming (Sweden). Looks like Team LZ (Malaysia) and TitaNs (Singapore) will be the only 2 Asian teams to make it there.

We had originally wanted to bring a band with us but were not able to raise enough funds this year to realise this dream. We're working on next year :) But thing is, we figured instead of bringing one band, we'll bring a CD compilation of the bands / singer songwriters who performed at Indie Youth Fest 2009 to market to the SWEDES. Sweet! Hehehe... we'll be back with more on this.

Introducing SWEDISH MUSIC @ DREAMHACK. And just in case if you're wondering what type of music do the Swedish and their Nordic friends listen to, click here.

Two time nominees for Swedish Grammy Award

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