Thursday, October 22, 2009

Special Event 1 Nov: STAND UP @ No Black Tie

Hello hello! It's great when people come together to do something good for others. This time, I was approached by Michael Lim and Jojo Struys, Founders of Kyanite of Project Alpha to help out at a charity event for the Shambala Kids Creative Mentoring Project. Well, what happens is that once a month, a group of artistes/dancers/singers etc get together and offer their time to coach and mentor children so that they are able to express themselves and showcase their creativity.

The result? More confident children :) And this is truly in line with what we believe in at Doppelganger - to provide a platform for people like you and I to showcase our creativity. And it's a stage for us to express ourselves. Sometimes we don't realise how lucky we are until we meet those less fortunate. Let's not let it be that way. So remember, each time you sing a note, how priviledged you are, and let's try to do our little part and to just try to love unconditionally. If you'd like to contribute to Shambala Kids, just email:

Thanks for supporting the cause. PS. Tickets are 99% sold. Yippee yeah yeah!

REPORT: RM40,000 raised that night! Read about what happened here.

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