Friday, October 30, 2009

Gig guide: 11 November 2009 Doppelganger Flash Gigs @ Artista

Sherwin - first time on stage but he was super!

Hi Ady Suwardy! Support him and go to his EP soft launch this Friday. Facebook him LAH.

Alda Alda Alda and Jaz Jaz Jaz in Red

Thanks to this dude, his name's David Leo - the brains behind Artista @ Tropicana City Mall

Date: Wednesday, 11 November 2009
Time: 9.30pm til late
Venue: Artista @ Tropicana City Mall

Doppelganger KL, the longest standing open mic gig that roams around town in search of talents is BACK! Introducing our venue partner Artista @ Tropicana City Mall... check out the tunes, songs & readings by upcoming artistes.

ATAXIA (sorry, cancelled)

OPEN MIC featuring...
Justin Ang
Rina S.
Khairul S.
Shar (my youtube fren)
Eve Oh
Anuar Faiq (yeah... our magicmusician buddy - go facebook him lar)
Jeffrey (it's his first time!)

Entrance is FOC. Nice brand new place that's located just beside Damansara Intan - this is a new mall and is very nice. Look. It's located on the direct opposite end of BAD ASS COFFEE :) won't miss it eh...

Post-event updates: Wow! Nice turn out guys! It's nice to be back again and great to see you olls.

Note: Original design by Adib. Messed up by Jaz.

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  1. where can i get more of Sherwin?? :))