Friday, October 30, 2009

Special announcement: Doppelgangerkl Milestones 2009


// About Doppelganger Open Mic Gigs //

When Jasmine Low returned to KL, little did she know that by organising one open mic gig with the help of friends back in 2002 at Liquid Bar (thanks to encouragement by proprietor, Jay), that was the start of a series of hundreds of following events for the independent music scene. That accidental event has now led to a series of seemingly never-ending open mic sessions which travel from venue to venue around the Klang Valley. Sometimes at night, those voices still resonate... "Jaz, can I please play one more song?". Then, it was known as VALHALLA OPEN MIC. The gigs eventually took on new life as Doppelganger Open Mic in 2005 and through its partnership with Troubadours, both teams organised 'Troubaganger' gigs at La Bodega Tengkat Tong Shin from 5 June '05- 3 Sep '06. The team, led by Jasmine then experimented with a 'pop-up' cafe store in KL. 'Indie Scene Cafe' operated from 6 Nov '06 - 3 Jan '07 and hosted daily open mic sessions, readings, children's writing workshops, pottery demos, film screenings & even sold 'indie' stuff!
Markisah and Peter Brown at Doppelganger's Indie Scene Cafe Bukit Bintang

Soon after, we were approached by the British Council 'Wayang Kata' to work with Troubadours to produce a spoken word event featuring Francesca Beard. We've not looked back as we completed 6 installations featuring Francesca Beard, Charlie Dark, Malika Booker, Polar Bear and countless other spoken word poets. Thanks to the collaboration with British Council, poetry in KL has never been the same again!

Malika Booker

Doppelganger, the community project adopted by Go International Group Sdn Bhd (a marketing communication company founded by Jasmine Low and Nikki Yeo) has continued to bring meaning to the people. All interns at Go International Group are encouraged to produce one of their own events. The annual Independent Youth Festival - something like a giant Doppelganger gig brings together indie musicians, video gamers, poets, bloggers and beatboxers... even fashionistahs! Read more. Click to view photo gallery.
Scenes from Indie Youth Fest - Season Kickstart (1&2 Aug 2009)

Come join the 'indie' movement and take centre stage at our weekly open mic to show us how you DIY. Newbies are always welcome. Email: to perform at one of our upcoming gigs. Or sign-up to perform (see link at bottom of page).

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