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Gig 18 June 09: Doppelganger @ Urban Attic KL Capsquare (free)

Clockwise: Doppelganger's FLASH GIGS @ URBAN ATTIC on 18 June featured four headliners: Rashdan Harith, Fuckcoustics, Dzamira (not pictured) and Lightcraft (not pictured). Then we invited Open Mickers - George Wong (not pictured), Ariff, Jens Momin, Psytrus (not pictured) to play some more.

Venue partner

Getting to Capsquare

Introducing the Doppelganger Open Mic 'flash gig' series.

Promoter of grassroots acts in the Klang Valley, Doppelganger KL will organise a gig at Urban Attic KL, CapSquare on Thursday, 18 June 2009. This precedes Rockaway 2009 - slated to be one of the largest FREE rock concerts in the country two days later on 20 June 2009 at Capsquare where over 15 bands will take centrestage.

For those of you who've not had a chance to simply 'rock up and perform' at our DOPPELGANGER OPEN MIC slot, you can do that from midnight onwards. Just step up and we'd love to listen to you. Each brave new act will have 4 minutes and with audience encouragement, the performer may stay on. Beginning at 10.00pm, entrance is free and urban dwellers can enjoy performances by some of the best upcoming performers in the valley.

Doppelganger KL FLASH GIGS present...

It's funk, its acoustic. Its FunkCoustic. Funkcoustic began 1st January 2009 with Anuar and Nabeel getting together to play funk, rock, alternative, blues etc.. It currently has 4 members; Anuar - Vocals/Lapsteel/Acoustic Guitar Nabeel - Percussions/Drums/Cajun Shamin - Electric Guitar Sid - MC/DJ who work together to fuze many different sounds using not-so-typical music instruments such as the lapsteel guitar (made famous by Ben Harper) and the Cajun (a percussion box).

Rashdan Harith is a relative new comer to the singer/songwriter scene, started being involved in music since his tweens and has moved on from imagining he is AJ from Backstreetboys to thinking he is Hetfield from Metallica, at the age of 17 under the monicker of TRAK, Rashdan released an EP that no one knew about but sold roughly 500 copies with susbstantive downloads on the then active After graduating and now in full time employment as a management consultant, Rashdan still balances his passion for music in his "free" time. In recent months Rashdan has been busy recording his self titled debut EP coming out soon. He has also kept himself busy playing around town with the Bedroom Musician Series, Doppelganger KL @ The Marketplace and No Black Tie. Recently, Rashdan performed at Fete De La Musique, Urbanscapes, Bijou Bazaar, and Moonshine. Rashdan, backed up with a full band aims to entertain listeners with his brand of acoustic pleasantness... or so he thinks.

Dzamira is still relatively new to the scene but has performed numerous times nevertheless at gigs. She's one to look out for!

LIGHTCRAFT (just in!!)
This bunch of guys hail from Jakarta. Formerly known as parallel lines, and then tenterhooks, lightcraft comprises of 5 very decent-looking/living lads who, under different circumstances, met and decided to form a band. They make melancholic, catchy indie tunes that are mostly influenced by british indie bands (and some non-brit indie bands as well). They released an EP during the tail-end of 2006, The Modern Seasons, and now, they have just released their debut album, Losing Northern Lights, which consists of 10 deliciously melancholic songs. They officially launched the album on the 2nd of August with Silent Scenery, and the CD is now sold in the shops!

GEORGE WONG - last month's winner of the solo category @ the venue
PSYTRUS - Urban Attic's mainstay act :)
ARIFF - new act
JENS MOMIN - new act

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