Friday, January 16, 2009

GIG: 22 Feb 09 Doppelganger @ MarketplaceKL features RAFIQUE RASHID, AN HONEST MISTAKE & CHAD BLONDEL (Australia)Feb

Wow! What a super line-up we have for you!

This coming February, we proudly present you the infamous Rafique Rashid, An Honest Mistake and also Chad Blondel from Perth, Australia. We'll also be filming this edition of Doppelganger so do bring your buddies and be a part of the scene ya.

Cover: RM20 includes 1 drink
Walk in free with your Marketplace KL MoneyPenny card
Time: 9pm
Date: 22 Feb 2009
Venue: Marketplace KL, 4A off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur


A veteran of the Malaysian live music scene and one of the pioneers of the local singer/songwriter genre, Rafique started his career in 1978 and moved from the KL/PJ pub scene to the private function/annual dinner hotel banquet hall circuit with stints in Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and Australia.

Rafique developed a reputation for combining music with stand-up comedy that typically included biting commentaries on local and international politics, current affairs and Malaysian social idiosyncracies, usually accompanied by frenetic lyrical spoofs of well-known tunes. He later expanded his repertoire with original songs, some comedic and some more serious. He has also written and produced music for many theatre, dance and stage productions; formed and played in an Orang Asli fusion band called 'Akar Umbi' and co-founded the KL Jazz club 'No Black Tie'. He is currently in semi-retirement and only performs for charity, for the pure joy of playing the guitar.


Every now and then, the world of music produces outstanding musicians, songwriters, recording engineers and producers. It is even a rarer instance when all the latter are attributes of one person. Introducing Chad Blondel. Chad is a 24 year old with a passion for music and songwriting. Although a young man, he is an accomplished musician, songwriter, runs his own recording studio and has built a reputation as an astute all round artist and producer.

Chad’s songwriting endeavours have led to the Western Australian Music Industry (WAM) awarding Chad ‘Song of the Year’ in 2005 for the song ‘Take Over’. The initial launch of his debut album was highly successful; generating huge interest on ‘’, so much so that soap opera ‘Home and Away” used the title track ‘Chase’ as the soundtrack for their advertising campaign. In the last 3 years Chad has toured Singapore and Indonesia as well as all around Australia, playing for conferences and workshops performing in front of crowds of up to 8000.

Chad has played alongside international artists like Switchfoot, Pillar, Guy Sebastian (Aus Idol winner), T-Bone, Antiskeptic and many others.

Chad’s newest release is the long anticipated sophomore album ‘Coloured Lights’. This deeply emotive album is a collective of Chad’s best work to date. “Every time I write, I get closer to expressing who I really am, in my lyrics and in the music. It’s safe to say my latest work is the closest to me so far.” For samples of Chad’s latest work, head to


With pure honesty and heartfelt emotions about life and relationships, An Honest Mistake was birthed. Apart from playing bass with Armyofthree, this is a place where he picks up his acoustic guitar and puts himself in the shoes of many to let his mind wander, wonder and explore the different facets of life. Started writing since 2 years ago has given him plenty of time to perfect his craft and finally allowing himself to break out into actually performing. Open up your minds and allow your dreams to be An Honest Mistake.

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    can i come and play a couple of songs in the event? and wheres marketplaceKL? can you email me at for an answer ASAP?

    i really need to play somewhere.