Sunday, November 30, 2008

GIG: 28 Dec 08: Doppelganger Open Mic @ Marketplace KL

Presenting the YEAR END SHOW @ Marketplace KL (click for map)!


and the regular open mickers.....
hang on a minute! That's George Wong?!!
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And here's a little more about our performers for December!SPARANORMAL

Sparanormal, An unintended collaboration formed in 2001. It went on nameless for quite a while, until just sometime last year the name came to be. Since then the band managed to record a few songs. It was hard squeezing in work and music together. But in the name of music and in dire need of some variation in our daily lives the band had to live on. So far Its been a hell of a journey, and were looking forward for a hell lot more. Sparanormal is Kameel, singin' and strummin 2nd guitar Jzon, rippin' 1st guitar Ajeem, thumping bass Safwan, rolling the drums With our first not so far in the future release (hope so) Between, Above and High Sparanormal E.P. out NOW! Hey everyone! we have finaly managed to get our E.P. out! selling @ RM 8.00, You can get it at Giggers Jln Kelang Lama, or order by post, for further info please call safwan @ 0176552315 or send in a request email to or just leave a message on our myspace page. Also other selected distributors @ : - Campbell Music ( Kedai Aunty ) 1st Floor, Campbell Complex, KL. - The RiceCooker Shop Annexe Central Market (CM), KL. - Tools & Trade 1st Floor, Campbell Complex, KL. - Silverfish Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, KL and now, Doppelganger's roving Indie Scene Cafe.

After the disbanding of his former band, dreamingtosleep, George needed another outlet to release his thoughts, feelings and emotions. He picked up the acoustic guitar, put new words down on paper and wrote stripped down, honest, soul baring music. What started off as a couple of songs for a side project for bedroom jamming and the ears of good friends eventually turned into a collection of songs that forms his current performing setlist. With more than enough songs to record an album with, George decided that his music needed to be heard. In 2007, he finally broke out of his bedroom by playing at his first open mic event. Surprised by the great response he got to his 'friendster song' he decided that he was going to do more than just play to his friends. After taking a break for a few months, getting his heart broken and writing a few new tunes, in 2008, he hit the open mic scene like there was no tomorrow- playing at every doppelganger and cloth and clef gig for a few months straight. To audiences big or small, receptive or not, he just wanted people to hear what he had to say. Now with an EP in the works and a number of gigs lined up for him, things look like they are finally shaping up for 2storeyheart.

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