Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Opinion: Are you indie?

Oh some interesting opinions on the indie culture. Fads usually become something talked about when it's passe... haven't you noticed? We've been indie since like 4ever and won't ever stop evolving ;} And there's always a fine line between being 'indie' and 'selling out'.

Check out this article I stumbled upon which discusses what makes the writer 'indie' as opposed to being a 'poser'.

Doppelganger KL does not endorse the ideas and opinions from these excerpts from
www.sampahsociety.com and http://addydeena.blogspot.com. It's here for you to judge for yourselves.

"" ye, sejauh manekah anda yg mengaku diri anda peminat susah mati indie tahu akan konsep indie dan segala isi dalam dunia indie ni sendiri? jgn la poyo-poyo je kate harfans indie, tapi sepatah haram, sehabuk zarah pun tatau pe menatang indie ni. dtg dari india ke? ke main bantai je follow org suke indie, kite pun nak suke jugak? orang pegi gig sane sini, buat headbanging macam nak tercabut kepala pun kite nak ikut jugak? sungguhla tak berhati muzika anda ini kalau hanye tahu ikut bontot org aje. haha. ""

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