Tuesday, October 14, 2008

GIG: 26 Oct 08: Doppelganger Open Mic @ Marketplace KL

26 October 2008
The eve of Deepavali.
Come gig with us.
RM20 incl. 1 drink.
9pm until late.

STAKE (pictured)


+ open mic
+ readings
+ op
en stage
Let's paaaaartay!



With pure honesty and heartfelt emotions about life and relationships, An Honest Mistake was birthed. Apart from playing bass with Armyofthree, this is a place where he picks up his acoustic guitar and puts himself in the shoes of many to let his mind wander, wonder and explore the different facets of life. Started writing since 2 years ago has given him plenty of time to perfect his craft and finally allowing himself to break out into actually performing. Open up your minds and allow your dreams to be An Honest Mistake.

It all began when the 4 of them met together and dreaming about having a band. Alternative music is their genre. Mutual bonding is their essence in making music. DQ, (Lead guitar/ vocalist), Faizal (Guitar) Bortl(Bass) and Ash (drum). The name "Nanokinetics" lappear when DQ & Bort was chatting and the word 'nano" came out and decided to go with the name. Nano means the smallest and kinetics means action really give meaning to the band in pursuing their dreams in the music industry. they want to take one step at a time and thus, NANOKINETICS. Most of the songs composed by DQ. He started to write lyrics at the tender age of 13, Wan Dzikyarnain or better known as DQ then started taking up playing guitar,keyboard & bass. Born and raised in Kuching, Sarawak and now working in Kuala Lumpur. Also born in Sarawak is Ahmad Faizal or better known as Faisal was in a band during his student years in UPM. Faizal is a fan of a 90's popular band - Oasis,Butterfingers. This hardcore Liverpool fan spends most of his time playing his favourite guitar. Bass was not his first option. Used to play guitar on his alone time, Bort the bassist was born in Johor and now working in Kuala Lumpur.Born in 1982, other history from this guy is untraceable. The only girl in the band, Ash is a hardcore RHCP fan. Started taking up drumming in 2004. She mostly listens to classic rock and jazz. Most of her influence in music was from her father. To date, thier songs are " Tiba"," End of Time"," Me Without You", "Change", "World Destroyer" & " 4 days".

Open mic performances for the evening by: George Wong!!! Jay Menon, Sherril, Vacant Illusions and visiting Brit, Tom! Well done guys! See you at the next gig!

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