Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Special Event: 4-6 July 08: Indie Youth Fest celebrates Digital Culture!

Themed 'Celebrating Digital Culture', the very first Indie Youth Fest is the result of many years of producing Doppelganger Open Mic Open Stage gigs. Some of you who may know us when we were called Valhalla Open Mic, thanks for all of your support. The scene's simply mushroomed since those early days where gigs were only a few. So it's about time we pulled something like this together.

Happening at the same time is the Malaysian National Finals of Electronic Sports World Cup, 2008 Malaysia where 7 Malaysians will be chosen to represent Malaysia at the ESWC Grand Finals in San Jose, USA in August this year. Check out our two mascot New Beetle cars (pictured with our gorgeous emcee, Elvanna) - the road show stars. Aren't they just so cute? Thanks to the guys from Play Interactive! More...

Indie Youth Fest
will feature a 3-hour indie rock concert on Saturday, 5th July and a 2-hour indie singer songwriter showcase on Sunday, 6th July. Headliners include Tempered Mental, Greenpaver, Oh Chentaku!, Telephony Delivery, Mia Palencia, Estrella, Zalila Lee, Yuna. And just in, Superbar! Wow! What a line up! And there's more... so check back and we'll keep you posted ya!

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