Friday, May 02, 2008

Gig Alert: Doppelganger now features djs too!

Say hello to Afham Nasir a.k.a Afen. Spinning this Sunday, 4th May @ Marketplace from 11.00pm - 1.00am after performances by SingleTrackMind, Jerome Kugan, Oh Chentaku and the open 'mikers'.

A DJ and producer, Afen believes he busts all conception of what a DJ should play as he reportedly walks the sharp edge between curiously experimental and just plain 'phat'.

He won the JUICE Reader's Choice award during the 2005 JUICE DJ QUEST. Armed with versatility in music selection which covers minimalism, tech-house and house. Afen recently played in one of the biggest dance music festival in Asia, Recharge Revelation 5 Global Gathering which saw him sharing the stage with big names such as Layo & Bushwacka, Chris Fortier, The Shapeshifter and many more mark his achievement as one of the hottest talents to watch for...

See you this Sunday, 4th May.
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RM20 entry includes a drink.

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