Friday, December 07, 2007

Day 2 - GBOB!

Another great evening on the second day of the GBOB Challenge three-day World Final saw the line-up for the Superfinal at the Electric Ballroom on December 6 completed.

As the Australian band, thanks to an unexpected 24 hour stopover in Bangkok, were unable to play in yeasterday's opening day we added them to the second day line-up. As there were two more bands playing on the second day we therefore decided to put eight bands through to join the seven bands who went through from the first night. So, also through to the Superfinal, in no particular order are: Jetstream from the USA; Atmasfera from the Ukraine; Rearview from Germany; Urban Stone from Australia; Lyrical Assault from Canada; Boys in the Band from the Faroe Islands; ExNN from Moldova and A Key Is A Key from Denmark. They will join yesterday's seven bands in the Superfinal at the Electric Ballroom on December 6. Tickets on the door are £10 or £8 if you can pick up a flyer. Source:

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