Friday, November 02, 2007

Who made it? The results...... updated daily!

GBOB Heats 1
1st November, 2007
Club 18, Jalan Liku, Bangsar

Finalists, congratulations you made it to the finals! See you on Saturday, 3 Nov 07 same place! *** Army of Three *** Estrella *** Y2K

The other participating bands, I must say, splendid performances by everyone! Then again, I'm almost always nice ;) *** Beat the System *** The Federated *** The Rip Roaring Duo (that's Otam, guys!!)

Come support these guys tomorrow for Heats 2 and the finals on Saturday.

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  1. THE RIP ROARING DUO had fun at GBOB. Thanks Jas. is this the 1st time GBOB event in malaysia?

    hope they come again to malaysia next year