Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Doppelganger goes Chinese in September !!

Doppelganger goes Chinese in September !!

What is it?
... The Doppelganger 1st Chinese gig is coming soon! Hosted by Keith Chan.

... 8.30pm - midnightWednesday, 5 Septamber 2007.

... No Black Tie
... 17, Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur (off Jalan Nagasari, behind Istana Hotel)

How much?
... RM20 include 1 beer / soft drink.

Who's performing?
... Anna 启馨 + Jasemaine + iAN + Edilson + The Highlighters + plus spoken word in between.

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  1. nice nice!!! do every performers have to sing it in chinese?? mandarin??? cantonese???

  2. yup Otam!! They will sing in chinese, mandarin and also cantonese ... can you sing in chinese as well? heheh...

  3. i wish.

    i know yap, yee, sum

    write me a cantonese lyric
    in a-z linguistic

    i'll sing it!

  4. hey dudes! a big kudos to keith for putting the show together in 'mandarin & cantonese'! wow! end of day, music is music. of course the first band was a little preachy but there were some cool acts which we'll be inviting to our regular doppelganger shows once more. cheers guys and keep it up! we want to hear more of you!