Friday, July 20, 2007

Doppelganger Gigs in Merdeka August 2007!

Doppelganger Merdeka Show
Taking the indie journey

What is it?
Our annual Merdeka Show jointly hosted by Jasmine Low & Jerome Kugan.
8.30pm - midnight
Wednesday, 15 August 2007
No Black Tie

17, Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur
(off Jalan Nagasari, behind Istana Hotel)
How much?
RM20 come lah

Can I play?
Open mic at the end of the night if there's time

Who's performing?
deserters+oddstars+Yuri & Vostok-1+Kadensa+open mic plus spoken word in between.

Doppelganger is pleased to present Kadensa. I first saw them perform at the infamous Yayasan Selangor / Maybank square as Abonation. Then we met again (thanks to Elina, their manager) at Fete de la Musique. Specially installed for this 15 August show, Abonation's - Kadensa features Malaysian violinist, Zalie Redang for a touch of cool fusion nusantara jazz. A touch of cool to calm the hot bands lined up for the night. Kadensa includes Along (gendang sunda, djembe), Amie (rebana, tabla), Anoi (guitar), Zalie (electric violin), Shah (flute), Syed (bass), Sham real xpdc (drum) and John (keyboard).

News Alert: Sorry guys to say that singletrackmind just texted us to inform us that they're still on their Indonesian Tour and will be there until the 17th at Bandung. Alex sends his regret that they are unable to be with us on the 15th. We wish them all the best on their tour!

News alert 2!
The Global Battle of the Bands is here in Malaysia! Kudos to the efforts of Pan-Asia Concepts who are also the national directorate. Go check it out & sign up quick! I hear the cash prize is pretty huge. Not only that, winner gets a trip to London to play against the rest of the world. Good luck gang! Spread the word >

Zalila Lee & Jerral Khor

Rahmat Haron
Pictures (C) Doppelganger Open Mic

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