Monday, June 25, 2007

Fete de la musique report

Thanks to all who came despite the thunderstorm temptress teasing us. Just wanted to shout out a TQ to Rina and 8TV team for shouting out to the Doppelganger family on air. And on ya to Chak, Bala and Superbar for their upcoming album launch. Tell us where to buy it ok. Ain't distribution always such a drag? A huge thank you to Reza Salleh and band for turning up at the last moment in place of Ching & Hikaru (Ching - hope yr drummer's hands heal soon). And the usual shout out to everyone who played: Ariff Akhir, Azmyl Yunor, kisskissbangbang, Lightcraft, Oddstars, Otam, Soft Touch, Superbar, Tongkat, Zalila Lee and Jerral Khor, Yuri & de Vodstoks. Thanks!! We'll upload pictures soon as we get them sorted!

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  1. Thanks to Jasmine and her crew. Keep on "Keep it On"- you are doing a good deed