Friday, May 18, 2007

RED read

Zalila Lee & Jerral Khor

Rahmat Haron & Melissa with Abroko in the background

Piko & the Arowanas

I'm such a non-blogger. Perhaps one day that will change. Haha! Anyway, here are some pictures from the No Black Tie evening which turned out a little long - guess there's not enough open mics around lah. My apologies to Nazri and to Yuri for not being able to have your slot to perform. Until next time. Btw, Fete de la Musique is ON again - mid June. Thanks to all those who performed! Piko & the Arowanas (didgeridoo & guitarist), Wei Yin who improves each time she reads - i just want to hear more!, Saradha who's penning a novel as we speak, Rahmat Haron, Melisa and Abroko for sharing thoughts from a journalist on tattoos and underground artistes, Han for reading a piece of Sharanya's - 'Even NBT Could Have Made Love to Han that night', Zalila Lee & Jerral Khor, Roy with his amazingly cool tuhantuhan twists, Khailee and in my opinion a poignant performance of 'Death of the Excel Spreadsheet', Myo from Tongkat with his lovely voca loca!, our new bluesy friend who sang Boba in his Guitar - Otam, Kavitha for bracing herself and reading for the first time, Jerome Kugan for singing Negaraku with me, Nikki Yeo for helping me out that evening, Evelyn Hii for maintaining such an acoustically wonderful place such as NBT!

Love you all!

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