Friday, May 25, 2007

Doppelganger Gigs in June!

3 June 2007
Ochre as the Earth
Make it a point this coming Sunday to check our Sharanya Manivannan's first solo performance titled Ochre as the Earth -- More on the writer:

6 June 2007
Doppelganger @ NBT

Doppelganger Open Mic.Open Stage presents a midweek acoustic affair featuring eight talented Malaysian singer songwriters on Wednesday, 6 June 2007 at one of the more acoustically sound venues - No Black Tie in Kuala Lumpur.

Come meet their Doppelgangers. By day, he is the sound engineer, production assistant, the lecturer, the graphic designer while she is the magazine editor, the event organiser, the marketing consultant. By night, they are all united in sound. Since 2003, Doppelganger Open Mic.Open Stage events have showcased an eclectic range of performers from poets, dancers, stand-up comedians, singer songwriters to musicians. It’s an avenue for everyday people to perform, to lead a life different from their daily routine. It’s an expression of art, music, words. It is the art of everyday people.

The line-up for the 6 June gig features singer songwriters who have played and built a following within the independent (indie) circuit. The gig will be hosted by Jasmine Low and will feature original compositions by Jasemaine Gan, Michael Chen, Yuri & the Vodstok, Paolo Delfino, Otam, Zalila Lee, Azmyl Yunor and Ida Lisa. The organisers would like to thank No Black Tie for its continuous support and encouragement of the independent scene.


  1. Double yeah for all who were there at NBT on 6 June. It was another one of those nights. Cozy. Just too nice. It's a piece of KL I go to bed with. Voices in the raw. Nite nite...