Thursday, January 04, 2007

Life purpose

If thought is not linked to purpose, there is no accomplishment.

Indie Scene Cafe is now CLOSED.
Thank you for supporting the cafe. We'll miss you all!
The camaderie from Security Guards to Jewellery Shop Attendants, Singing Waiters to the L'Opera Restaurant Maitre 'D called COWBOY, the singer songwriter who stumbled upon us on our first nite (Welcome to KL, Richie!). It was purely the vibe of the Indie Scene Cafe which we'll all miss most. Joe Kidd, can't wait to check out your store! ;)

So that's how I'll start my new year. In fact, a couple of hundred of us started off our new year on the second floor of Piccolo Galleria, pearched above the sea of revellers - most of whom were hanging around bukit bintang to 'lepak' and 'feel' the vibrations.

The indieGO gig started off later than expected - after most of us got fed by the lovely people at L'Opera with some yummo pasta. The bands then trudged upstairs and got ready to gig. Wow! Thanks Mr. Azmyl for popping by! Dunno how you got back to Selangor Assembly Hall dat night! Anyways, giggin giggin giggin and voila! it was already nearing midnight. FREDA, JAZ and the SEXY DIVAs pranced around the hall and did their numbers. Why do people call them the paper doll shows? Is it cos Divas used to mime? Not these ones, bro! FREDA looked damn hot! We'll post the pictures up soon ya.

Oh, a holler out to our prize sponsors too! Thanks to Best Venue Sdn Bhd - the organisers of the Malaysian International Aerospace Expo 2007 ( and Blush Lingerie for their generous gifts!

And then 2007 swept us away for a moment and DJ Fresh and B'side took us on the ride. Screech to a stop! Two more acts were not yet featured.... what to do, what to do. freeze. the two acts went on during a pregnant pause. but the DJs took us away again soon after. You should have seen Markisa in full swing! I didn't actually see Peter dancing but it turned out to be a successful nite albeit the lack of heads. Happy 2007 peeps! The Doppelganger team will be taking a short break - we've been go-go! The Jan 7th gig has been postponed to a later date, at a different venue. Indie Scene Cafe is now closed. Death is good. Non-activity lets the brain lull. I need that a bit... ciao til later.

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  1. The New Year Party was a blast!. Eventho we had to sit outside & play our guitars to get people to come to our party, it was about being together and that made it great. It started out badly but hey...everyone was there to party. I even overheard an auntie saying "I thought this was a countdown party". Great job guys!.