Monday, December 11, 2006

Launch of Sharanya Manivannan's IYARI

Launch of IYARI
7.30pm Friday, 22 December

Sharanya Manivannan's Launch of IYARI. Followed by open mic for singer songwriters & poets. Free entrance. Purchase of drink appreciated.

View reviews on the launch:
A room full of poets, parents and pumpkins who quickly scurried away soon after the evening ended. It was lovely. Pizzas from Piccolo's L'Opera were lovely. The salmon on a bed of crusty flour. Some readings were 'soft' some were 'loud'. But I'd bet most of us returned home that night with Sharanya's 'You bring out the Sri Lankan in me...' reverberating at the bottom of our guts. How amazing this world is when a group of people simply get together to talk. Tonight, give thanks to the efforts of one lady of 21 years, in her black sari with gold trimmings (quite like her chapbook design). Thanks to all who attended. We must meet more! Regards, Jaz

Bibliobibuli , Faridah Manaf

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