Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Filmmakers Anonymous

8.30pm Friday 29 Dec 07
Filmmakers Anonymous (FA) Step. 1 / 12
FA is an array of new and emerging films, compiled, not curated, from among like-minded people who are just addicted to making films - for whatever noble or twisted reasons.
All films have English subtitles. The screening is free. Indiescene Cafe is located at Piccolo Galeria, beside Starhill, KL. for more info please contact Effa Desa 016-6531167.
ps. if you are an addict yourself, please feel free to bring dvd copy of your film to the screening and pass to Effa.
(total running time: 86 mins followed by discussions with filmmakers.)
1. Fairuz Sulaiman: WHERE IS MY INDIE ROCK DARLING (3mins/color/music/2006)
A film about the ever continuing search for reason and purpose in life. Fairuz Sulaiman is a videographer involved in experimental video performances, theatre productions, video installations and productions. He lectures part time in video making in a local art college. Director's statement This is the director's first attempt at music video making for a local indie band. It's a simple story on how we must not give up on our search for something, because we will never know what will happen next. The production shoot was for 2 days, spanning across familiar locations in Kuala Lumpur.
2. Chi Too: WHILE YOU ARE EATING (2006/Digital/4 mins)
A double dinner date goes 'boink' in the night. Chi Too makes films for fun, love, and activism. His films have travelled to various film festivals around the world. He one day hopes he can travel the world like his films do. Previously made films include 'Out Of The Closet', 'Just Pretend', 'The Chinese Dilemma', 'Goodbye Luang Phabang', 'Paradise Bus', and many more. http://hyperbolica.blogspot.com/. Director's statement The things I see around me compelled me to make this film. What's really fun about makin this film was that everyone got so drunk while it was shot. The actors brought their own wine.
3. Crystal Woo and Sidney Tan: IT'S NOT ABOUT EVERYTHING, IT'S ABOUT EVERYTHING (2006/ 14 mins)
A short film about Yee May who finds herself caught between two men and turns to unconventional means to solve her dilemma. Director's Profile Crystal Woo and Sidney Tan have collaborated on various projects that include short experimental video works, comics, and films. Sidney Tan draws & designs for a living, and Crystal Woo art directs and writes for a living. Together, they are fascinated by pictures in the head…ideas in space…and stories floating everywhere. Festivals Gold Prize Winner for Malaysian Video Awards 2005 (Experimental Video Category)
4. Tony Pietra: MY MIND (2006/ 5 mins)
A promotional music video for the first single from MANGO OVERHEAT, the latest album by Malaysian electro/new wave/dance-rock artist Rabbit. Made on a shoestring budget but given the treatment of an MTV-caliber product, the video is an eclectic post-modern homage to A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, classic film noir, 1980's futurism, Stephen Chow, and anything else you'd care to point out. Tony Pietra is a former TV commercial editor. He now works as a film director with FYI Creative (a collective of aspiring filmmakers). His showreel includes some PSA's and TVC's, music videos (for local artists Pete Teo, Rabbit, and Shelley Leong), and independent short films (WRATH: CURSE OF THE KERIS). He has won a few awards, such as a Bronze for Best Editing (a TV station promo directed by Yasmin Ahmad) at the 2002 Malaysian Video Awards, and two Cyberjaya Digital Video Competition awards for Best Documentary (YOU GOT A LIFE, YOU GOTTA EAT) and Best Short Film: Drama (SEEING THINGS) in 2003 and 2004, respectively. Director's Statement This video was the joint effort between DIY/indie filmmakers and a DIY/indie recording artist. Despite our lack of big cash, resources, and high production values, we did our best with the materials at hand … and achieved something that we believe represents a successful artistic collaboration between "movie people" and musicians. Both of these trades may appear to be different at first, but once they meet under a common cause, the result is pure alchemy.
5. Mien Lor: MY CONFESSION – THE PICTURE DIARY (2005/10 mins/silent)
The filmmaker's picture diary reveals her innermost thoughts on the politics of space and desires. Mien Lor is a full time activist who makes film for expression, for exploration and for air. She believes that filmmaking is at once personal and political. She produces documentaries and social films for http://www.komas.org/ and organizes the only human rights film festival in Malaysia http://www.freedomfilmfest.komas.org/. Director's statement Composed with footage shot for a music video that I did for a local indie band. Later I went through a workshop for visual artists where we learned to deconstruct identities, inspiring me to reedit the footage for this video. FestivalsThe IIC IAWRT Asian Womens' Film Festival 2006, India
6. Amy Lim: MY NEW HOME (2006/11 mins)
Coming from a Chinese-only background, a family from Kampar moves to a multi-racial environment in urban Kuala Lumpur. With each family member reacting differently to their new surroundings, the story challenges the social interpretation of our society today. Director's StatementAlways tell a good story with sincerity.
7. Margaret Bong: TUDTU (2006/15 mins)
This is a story of a young, vulnerable Kelabit boy from the Bario. Raised in a salt making family, the film shares his life and his world that is still filled with innocence as well as his struggles towards the Kelabit Culture. Margaret Bong, born 1981, has a Degree in Cinematography from Malaysia University Sarawak (UNIMAS) and a Diploma in Broadcasting. The filmmaker has been involved as director, writer and producer for the following films: Tudtu (short documentary), Lie Beneath (short fiction) and Red Drawing (short fiction). Director's statement: Storytelling is a craft. While it is taught in film schools, the academic approach is far from the best environment to learn these skills. I strongly believe an apprenticeship is the best way to learn the craft of documentary filmmaking. Real work in the real world. We live in a melting pot of different races, thus it is an excellent opportunity to comprehend other cultures and share it with the world.
8. Nadia Hamzah and Wan Muhammad Tamlikha: AN AFTERNOON WITH THE HIJJABED (2005/8 mins)
A mockumentary revolving around five different Malaysian women who vastly differ in character, but share one common trait, all of them don the 'tudung' Moslem veil. As they sit over tea one fine afternoon, they ponder upon thoughts and consequences of wearing the veil. Initially classmates for a production class in Multimedia University, Cyberjaya Malaysia, Wan Muhammad Tamlikha and Nadiah Hamzah started collaborating on creative independent projects since 2004. From music videos they slowly progressed into making films. 'An Afternoon with The Hijjabed' is their second combined effort under on.par pictures, their unofficial filmmaking collective. Directors' statement The mockumentary basically exaggerates each of the characters' personalities, bringing them up to manic levels in order to convey certain messages across. It tries to be blatant and blunt about the truth concerning hijjabed Moslem women, but at the end of it, the audience is left to make their own interpretations.
9. Rajan Paramesran: RAINY DAYS (2006/14 mins)
This story is inspired by an true event. It highlights a labor case in 1973 that on the surface appeared to be a straightforward one. One rubber tapper, who is guaranteed a minimum of 24 days pay by the law, was short changed by 7 days by his employer. He filed an action with labor court and subsequently won. But the management appealed that decision in the High Court in 1974. For some reasons, judgment was not delivered until twenty years later in 1994. In the meantime, the rubber tapper and his lawyer had died and the estate sold. A true demonstration of justice delayed is justice denied. And the sum in contention: RM22.40 (US$6.20) Rajan Paramesan is currently a business writer and assistant editor for a newspaper as well as a researcher for a business program on television. Rainy Days is his second short film.
10. Umi Salwana Omar: WHERE ART THOU? (2004/1 min)
Based on a poem by Sufi philosopher, Jalaludin Rumi. The poem been translated into visual art by using metaphorical images. 24 year-old Umi is a final year student of Center for Advanced Design (CENFAD). Graduating in December, she is currently doing her internship at Motion Effects Studio. Her documentary Aunty Wahid won the Best Art Work in CENFAD and shown at Malaysian Documentary and Freedom Film Festival. Director's statement What does it mean to be different? Differences have been damned by segregation of race, religion and country. Differences have been divided us all. I think differences should be celebrated. Would it not be a boring world if we are all the same? Differences teach us that although we do things differently, we do it for the same purpose and reason. To celebrate life.

Entrance is FOC but we'd appreciate if you bought a coke, coffee or pizza. CD, t-shirt or video. Buy lah. Buy lah. ;)

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