Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Indie Scene Cafe Store

Hi everyone,
It's almost Christmas 2007 would u believe? I'd like to invite u and your buds over to our INDIE SCENE Cafe/Store at Picolo Galleria (sandwiched between KL Plaza and Lot 10) this Saturday. It's not yet our opening. It's a call for 'barang'. Pls bring anything home made which you'd like to flog. We've only got the shop until 31 December so it's a good op for peeps who make their own stuff and want to try find a market without paying for rent. You'll just need to let us know wat your nett price is and we'll markup from there.
So pls help us pass de word around to anyone who has t-shirts, home-made music albums, paintings, drawings, CDs, books, photocopied zines, films, anything local artistes would like to showcase. All they'll have to do is to present themselves and the stuff to the store from Saturday onwards. Flyers of upcoming gigs/showings etc welcome too! NGOs also welcome to come display flyers etc.
We'll also be conducting workshops every Saturday and Sunday afternoons at 4pm. We're planning a series of mini 45-min workshops on publicity, illustration, songwriting, marketing, painting, creative writing, organising gigs, public speaking etc etc. We'll also be inviting singer songwriters to come play during our daily open mic segment from 6pm. The line-up will be confirmed and emailed out soon. It'll also be posted on our blogsite
Another plus point since I'm always hungry is our little cafe which will be serving pies, coffee, beer, homemade herbal drinks and other snacks.
Our launch will be announced soon as we get the carpets, posters and temp poofters into the store. You've just gotta be there ok. Look forward to your support. THe indie scene wants to be seen!!!!
the go go galz + boyz
[jaz, nikki, julya, edwin, elaine, caren]
>>> a go community project


  1. Anonymous1:56 am

    Hey, ur upcoming stuffs r so cool. I will def get myself to be there ;)

  2. .ejat.12:56 pm

    hye there!
    thanks to jaz n gangs.
    u guys really cool.
    hope 2 see u guys again!

  3. susan1:27 am

    hie, i really had a great time that nite. tx for havin such a great place for us to hang out and watch the performances. i luv de space ;)