Thursday, August 31, 2006

highly strung

meet us this coming sunday, 3 sept 2006 for our finale gig. picture courtesy of - fairy took this picture last year during our merdeka show.

kuala lumpur, 1.30am and we had just walked out of our quaint 31 tengkat tong shin - home to troubaganger shows since june 2005. we stood and sang negaraku. we recited rukun negara. outside, blocks down near sg wang was a major sponsor-driven concert. outside, streets down near merdeka square was a major govt-enabled concert. here we were. about 80 of us peeps and performers. in the small upstairs room overlooking the malaysian drug dealers' association, foot massage clinic, mamak...our voices were loud tonight. but perhaps not loud enough. voices which yearn attention. voices which must never cease. these voices from next door are the voices of tomorrow. man it really felt so empowering yelling out MERDEKA which my fists boxing the air. Really, it did!

thx to the people who made it last nite! ur all uber special lah! azmyl and the cigarettes, jerome kugan, patrick, yuri, sharanya, reza salleh, melina, steph and hanafi, zalila lee, wei yin, ben mckay, pang, ariff akhir and the sofa sessions, fikri, kg, roy and of course, the people who make it almost every troubaganger session!!! effa, aida, arisha, liana - you knw who u all are! and my dahlings door biatch tan sei hon, siew siew and her bartenders including fikri and my lovely assistant nikki yeo. you are all sssssspezial! thank u for u.

our gorgeous pastry chef friend ET has said he'll bake us a cake for sunday. write me if u have any suggestions for our next venue. we have found a place.... but still going to suss out others.

see u this sunday perhaps.

the g-string,
jaz //


  1. Had alota fun on Wednesday.

    Loved the place and the people.

    Sorry can't make it to Sunday, but you have fun now!

  2. We luv'd havin u there wit us;).... lots more readings and gigs to come. see u around..dun 4get de rubber ever ;)

    aunty jaz.

  3. haha, alright then, Aunty.

    Of course Darling, Safety First.

    oh oh. pls dont shock everyone like that again by announcing my age. Did u see Pang's sexpression? I think he dislocated his jaw. haha.