Sunday, July 16, 2006

KL Sing Song 2006 a HIT!

Sitting towards the back of the room, seeing the fabulous lights illuminating the singer songwriters we regularaly see performing only at our regular cafes and pubs, I feel awe. I love the scene in KL. Man! If only you were there! A roundup?

Ariff Akhir belt out songs fast and furious and just oh-so-ariff!!!, Kevin BrokenScar's Melbourne inspired energetic play getting the crowd to repeat 'come back down'... Rhapsody's cool Ywenna and Nicole - like does she have a reincarnate-of-Ella-Fitz-hiding-inside-her voice, Mei Chern in her white crisp shirt and even crisper lyrics, Pete Teo in his ever-so-stylish rendition of BLUE, Meor and his fab strutty guitar playin and raspy voice.... and the night before - an outstanding show put on by Reza Salleh - just melting everyone with his slow and very well paced singing style, Mia Palencia who just knocked us all off with her strong vocals and Pak Pandir - with his quirky charm, Shanon's donut Princess Leia song which stuck to my head til this morning, Shelley and Az in sharing their 'live' and 'unplugged' rendition of songs from the 2004 released album and of course, he must take home the award for Best New Comer - Fathulistiwa Soundscapes and his guitarists who rocked the crowd away with adrenaline pumped performance. Seated.

Kudos to all! Jerome, Sei Hon, Azmyl, you guys rock! Dato' Faridah, Ian Chow, Ming Jin, Yue May and all at KLPac you rock!!! The gals from Go International Group - Nikki and Tia, you gals were fab fab fab in helping with the PR, that's ma team btw hahaha. And you peeps who follow the circuit. Follow the circuit. KL's indie music scene's never looked so good.

Next gig: August 6th 2006
La Bodega Tengkat Tong Shin
8pm. RM5

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