Tuesday, June 20, 2006

KL SING SONG hits the road!!!!

Guys, here's the official blurb on KL Sing Song 14-15 July. Don't miss it!

19 June 2006
For Immediate Release

Nudging grassroots singer songwriters towards professionalism and a career in performance music

Kuala Lumpur, 14 June 2006 - In conjunction with the Kuala Lumpur Festival 2006, the second singer songwriter workshop and performances - KL Sing Song will be held from 14-15 July at the KL Performing Arts Centre in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.
Supported by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage (KeKKWa) and Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac), KL Sing Song 2006 hopes to achieve the objectives of growing not only an annual event, but to also play a part in promoting Kuala Lumpur as a leader in the arts, music and culture centre for this region. The organisers hope to involve regional singers songwriters next year.

Jerome Kugan, Co-Organiser and Artistic Director of Troubadours Enterprise and Organiser of KL Sing Song said, ‘We’re relieved and very pleased to receive funding and support from the Ministry and KLPac for this event.’

In 2005, KL Sing Song began as a regional event featuring performances and workshops by singer songwriters from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore in 2005. A non-profit educational event, it is aimed at fostering cross-cultural exchanges among South East Asian artistes. It is hoped these exchanges will lead to further understanding between the people of South East Asia through music and possibly lead to future musical and other interdisciplinary collaborations.

Through the workshops and performances, the organisers hope to create more awareness amongst Malaysians on the wealth of local talents and encourage more budding singer songwriters and musicians to create new original music and share them with the rest of South East Asia and the world.

It is also KL Sing Song’s intention that this annual event will help promote Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia as the centre for the presentation, innovation and exchange of musical, cultural and intellectual ideas.

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Notes to Editor:
A showreel of KL Sing Song 2005 is available upon request. Official blogsite contains more updates and information
www.klsingsong.blogspot.com. Interviews can be arranged with individual singer songwriters.

Media Inquiries:
Tel: +603 7727 0093, Fax: +603 7727 3093

HP: +6017-6230-288, Email:

EMA NADIA, PR Executive

The Organisers

JEROME KUGAN, Artistic Director
Jerome Kugan is poet and singer songwriter.
Visit http://www.myspace.com/jkugan

TAN SEI HON, Artistic Director
Tan Sei Hon is a singer songwriter and visual artist.
Visit http://www.kakiseni.com/directory/listings.php?type=people&category=academics&id=85

AZMYL YUNOR, Artistic Director
Azmyl Yunor is an academic and singer songwriter.
Visit http://www.myspace.com/azmylyunor


31 MAY
KL Sing Song Mini Tour
Help Institute
Zalila Lee
Kevin Brokenscar
Jasemaine Gan
16 MAY
KL Sing Song Mini Tour
Taylors University College
Izzy Mohamed
Tan Sei Hon
Azmyl Yunor
Kevin Brokenscar
Sofa Sessions
Fete de la Musique – The Garden Party
Alliance Francaise KL
Jerome Kugan
Malokai Gruv
Kevin BrokenScar
Nick Razman
Imam LightCraft
Sofa Sessions
Open Doors featuring screening of KL Sing Song 2005 Documentary
KL Performing Arts Centre (KLPac)
Wei Jun
Sofa Sessions
Kien Kit
KL Sing Song Promo Mini Tour
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Ariff Akhir
Kevin Brokenscar
Azmyl Yunor
Jerome Kugan
KL Sing Song Press Conference & Sneak Preview
Venue to be advised
To be advised
KL Sing Song Mini Tour @ Troubaganger Show
La Bodega KL
Sad Angry Babies
And more open mics
14 JULY @ KLPac
KL Sing Song – Performance 1
15 JULY @ KLPac
KL Sing Song – Workshop
KL Sing Song – Performance 2

Troubadours Enterprise
is proud to present
Singer Songwriter Performances and Workshop

Hosted by KL Performing Arts Centre. Supported by Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage.
Date: 14 and 15 July 2006
Venue: KL Performing Arts Centre

Showcasing the talents Malaysian singer songwriters in performances and workshops.

Featuring singer songwriters:
* Pete Teo *
Nominated for four AIM awards in 2004
* Shanon Shah*
Best Male Vocalist, AIM 2006
* Shelley Leong *
Best New English Artist nominee, AIM 2004
* Pak Pandir *
Winner of Juara Lagu (Irama Malaysia) 1992
* Mia Palencia *
Best Solo Vocal nominee, Cameronian Arts Awards 2005
* Mei Chern *
Musiccanteen.com’s Most Downloaded Artiste 2005
* Reza Salleh *
Founder of successful Moonshine series of gigs
* Meor *
Legendary independent singer songwriter
* Fathulistiwa Soundscapes *
Pioneer in local independent music scene
* Broken Scar *
Emerging singer songwriter with fiery performances
* Ariff Akhir *
Charismatic leader of independent band The Sofa Sessions
* Rhapsody *
Upcoming female duo with melodic jazzy songs

Note: List of singer songwriters and speakers confirmed at press time.

Ticket prices : Performance 1 ~ RM25 Adult; RM15 Student, Elderly & Disabled (limited to 50 seats). Performance 2 ~ RM25 Adult; RM15 Student, Elderly & Disabled (limited to 50 seats). Workshops 1, 2, 3, & 4 ~ RM20 Adult & Student. Tickets available at KLPAC (03-4047 9000) and The Actors Studio, Bangsar Shopping Complex ( 03-2094 9400). Or email tickets@klpac.com..


14 July, Friday
8:30pm – 11pm
Pentas Dua, KLPAC

Performance 1:
Reza Salleh
Ariff Akhir
Shelley Leong
Pak Pandir
Mia Palencia
Fathulistiwa Soundscapes

15 July, Saturday
Indicene, KLPAC

Workshop 1:
Singing With Style – Shelley Leong and guitarist Az Samad share useful handy tips on performing with panache

2pm- 3pm
Indicene, KLPAC
Workshop 2:
Lyrics & Creativity – Pak Pandir talks about how to explore your environment through lyrics

3:30pm – 4:30pm
Indicene, KLPAC
Workshop 3:
Make It Live – Shanon Shah shares his experiences onstage and what it takes to be a live performer

4:30pm – 5:30pm
Indicene, KLPAC
Workshop 4:
The Indie Path – Pete Teo talks about how to build a music career as a solo independent performer

8:30pm – 11pm
Pentas Dua, KLPAC
Performance 2:
Broken Scar
Mei Chern
Shanon Shah
Pete Teo


The music of the mercurial Meor has been described as raw, edgy and sublime, drawing strongly from his readings of existential and Sufi thought. A top-rate guitarist, Meor has released several DIY recordings of his music including the critically acclaimed “Itu Padang… Aku Di Situ” (2003). Unpredictable as a performer, Meor never ceases to delight audiences with his songs, which range from soft ballads to energetic romps, all unified by his signature wavering voice and mystical musings. Meor has also organised various concerts featuring local talents, most notably “Artist Jam” at Central Market, KL.
Visit http://www.pestajiwa.net/

A favourite of the local jazz circuit, Mia Palencia burst onto the scene as the velvet-smooth vocalist of the duo Double Take with guitarist Roger Wang, with whom she released an album of cover songs which gained nationwide FM radio play. The duo has toured extensively, playing in several countries around the region. She is also a talented singer songwriter in her own right, as was revealed during several solo appearances at “The Songwriters Round” and other notable concerts. A former student of ICOM, Palencia is currently working on original material for her debut album. Visit http://www.doubletakemusic.net/

Pete Teo achieved cult fame in the Hong Kong alternative pop scene as one half of the duo Mid-Century. After disbanding the group, Teo returned to Malaysia, and gradually returned to making music industry as an independent solo artiste. Known for his intelligent and accomplished songwriting and performances, his debut solo album “Rustic Living for Urbanites” (2003) was released to critical acclaim, winning awards and backed by promotional performances in Japan, USA and Singapore. Teo is an avid supporter of the singer songwriter scene in KL, having founded a series of concerts called “The Songwriters Round” which featured many local singer songwriters. Visit http://www.peteteo.com

Shanon Shah is a singer songwriter whose earnest and affecting songs have won him a loyal following among KL’s metropolitan crowd, which led to his winning the Mandarin Oriental Fan of the Arts Most Promising Artist Award at the 2nd Annual Boh Cameronian Arts Awards. His debut CD Dilanda Cinta was released in 2005 to critical acclaim. He won Best Male Vocalist at Anugerah Industri Muzik 2006.

Shelley Leong is a singer songwriter whose soothing songs are coupled with her unique voice in a tasteful fusion of contemporary pop folk with strong melodic lines and thoughtful lyrics. Shelley's debut album Storyteller which was released in 2004 won her a nomination for Best New English Artiste in Anugerah Industri Muzik. She’s currently studying at the famous Berklee College of Music on a scholarship.

Pak Pandir aka Azmi Ali is a veteran local singer songwriter whose career has spanned more than two decades. A champion of the Malay folk genre, Pak Pandir is an entertaining yet critical voice whose songs touch on social concerns in the globalised world. With his quirky vocal style and expressive performances, Pak Pandir is not a typical singer in the pop sense. Instead, he is more of a storyteller, a narrator in music. He has released three albums, which have won wide critical acclaim and accolades including winner of Juara Lagu 1992 (Irama Malaysia category).

Note to Editors:
A photo shoot and interview can be arranged with either individual singer songwriters, or a collective. Kindly contact Ema Nadia on (03) 7727 0093. Thank you.

Troubadours KL is made up Azmyl Yunor, Tan Sei Hon and Jerome Kugan. We first met and/or knew of each other in 2001 while attending/performing at a series of acoustic or “unplugged” gigs, namely Peter Hassan Brown’s Acoustic Jam at Commonwealth Club, Joe Kidd’s Unclogged and Pete Teo’sThe Songwriters’ Round, both at No Black Tie. We also shared mutual friends and would ajak each other to play at gigs (Spacekraft’s Chow Kit Fest; Jerome’s Merdeka readings; Azmyl’s Sapu-Sapu series at Paul’s Place; EMACM’s gigs; and Jasmine Low’s Valhalla nights). It was a time of affirmation for the three of us (and a host of other singer songwriters) as we performed our tiny tunes and experienced seasonal flushes of public interest; Acoustic Jam, Unclogged and The Songwriters’ Round each heralded its own renaissance of sorts for the local singer songwriter genre between 2002 and 2004, which saw the coming together of a wealth of notable talents including Meor, Pete Teo, Rafique Rashid, Peter Hassan Brown, Shelley Leong, Mei Chern, Sherry, Ariff Akhir, Mia Palencia, Reza Salleh, and others, sparking off the beginnings of a fledgling singer songwriter community.

Our loose friendship coalesced into something more tangible when Azmyl ajak Sei Hon and Jerome to play two small gigs in Singapore as the Malaysian contingent of “troubadours” (as we like to call ourselves). Although we had been appreciative of each other’s music, it was the first time we realised how much we had in common, musically and ideologically, and how our different styles complemented each other: Azmyl the rambunctious folker, Sei Hon the jangly storyteller, and Jerome the poetic explosive. We sembang-sembang about plans to travel with our music, making connections with other singer songwriters in the region, doing it like the troubadours of olden days, big nostalgic dreams which still exist for us in the future. Upon returning to KL, we brainstormed a bit more and took advantage of a call for grants from Arts Network Asia to organise KL Sing Song 2005, a regional dialogue and workshop session for singer songwriters in April 2005, with help from Artsee.net and International College of Music KL. We invited Kelvin Tan (Singapore), June Somsiri Sangkaew (Thailand) and Oppie Andaresta (Indonesia) plus local singer songwriters Pete Teo, Meor, Mia Palencia and Azmyl to attend a forum to discuss songcraft and how to create a network of independent singer songwriters in South East Asia. That experience, documented in a little VCD, wasn’t as grand as we expected it to be, but it made us realised that, with a little collective push, the singer songwriter community can have a bigger local and regional presence which would give its unique talents more of the attention they deserve.

After KL Sing Song 2005, we began our monthly series of Troubadours concerts, which alternated with Jasmine Low’s Doppelganger nights at La Bodega KL in June 2005. While we’ve had some lukewarm nights when the crowds just wouldn’t come, by the end of 2005 the nights had managed to attract a cosy intimate crowd of familiar and unfamiliar faces who came to support their friends, spend the night out on the town and hear new music. You can see photos and write-ups about our shows at www.troubadourskl.blogspot.com. Since February 2006, Troubadours and Doppelganger combined to become a delicious new hybrid: Troubaganger. We also organise a show at KL Performing Arts Centre called Troubadours/Open Doors, where we feature live music performances and short film screenings. Since April last year, we’ve organised and co-organised no less than 25 small gigs at La Bodega KL, KLPAC, 2nd Notthatbalai Arts Fest at Lost Generation Space, No Black Tie, Taylors College, HELP Institute, and Fete de la Musique KL 2006 featuring more than 30 solo singer songwriters and bands (not to forget writers and poets). We’re also very happy that the independent singer songwriter scene continues to flourish with other concert series such as KLue CafĂ© Series, Moonshine KL and Project Bazooka. Keep up the good work, guys! Promoting independent music is tough work. We wish we could say we’re making lots of money but we’re still stuck with our dayjobs. LOL.
KL Sing Song 2006 is a continuation of our love affair with Malaysian singer songwriters and our way of encouraging more public interest in local talents. Sincerely, AY, SH and JK, June 2006.